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NATICK, Mass., Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Natick, Massachusetts based company Reliva CBD — a premium CBD company helmed by 24-year CPG veteran Miguel Martin— has quickly emerged as a leader in the burgeoning sphere of retail CBD product sales. Reliva is now the number one-selling retail CBD brand in the United States and has seen five products (among its wide selection of offerings) appear within the top 15 rankings in that field (IRI).

Nearly 7% of American adults report using CBD, and that number is rising quickly. CBD sales in 2018 are estimated to have been between $600 million and $2 billion. By 2025, CBD is conservatively projected to generate sales of $16 billion per year within the United States alone. Google trends show that searches for CBD are rising every year.

In an emerging, already congested (and often confusing) market, Reliva CBD has stepped forward as the foremost CBD retailer —a brand synonymous with clarity, consistency, and compliance.  Approved by all national wholesalers, Reliva’s products are currently sold in over 18,000 retail stores and enjoy exclusive distribution with many national retail chains.

Reliva consistently outsells the competition when it comes not only to its CBD gummies, but also in terms of its shots and tinctures, which sell more units per distribution point than the competition (IRI). Reliva’s CBD cream and sticks outsell national non-CBD topical brands — and Reliva CBD Wellness cream currently ranks #1 in overall sales (as well as $/ACV) while Reliva’s CBD stick ranks #3 in overall sales and (#2 in $/ACV).

Reliva responsibly sources its CBD from licensed seed-to-flower hemp farms, and each batch of CBD extract that is utilized in Reliva products undergoes rigorous third-party testing, evidenced by a certificate of analysis (COA) for each and every batch. Products are only released to market upon successful completion of this testing, and each Reliva CBD Wellness product carries an item-specific batch code and expiration date— as well as a scannable QR code in order to direct consumers to the company’s web site, which contains COAs for every batch of product produced.

It is not difficult to see why Reliva has achieved the following and consumer loyalty that it has. What makes this market leader stand apart in a crowded field of competitors is what the company calls the Reliva Difference.  From not making outlandish claims about its products (in fact, not making any claims at all, including not even allowing customers to make claims in their product reviews) to testing for pesticides, microbials, and other undesirable elements to age-restricting retail and online sales (e.g., website age gates and non-self-service retail displays), it is clear that Reliva has established the standard for responsible, compliant marketing.

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