Pax Era Pro is the smartest vape of them all thanks to NFC – GEEKSPIN

PAX has introduced its newest and smartest vape to date, the Pax Era Pro, to their lineup of premium vaporizer technology products. While the new Era Pro and the original Era look almost identical on the outside, the biggest differences between the two are the new features found under the hood.

To that effect, the Era Pro kicks things up a notch with haptic vibration feedback, extended Bluetooth range, longer battery life and it now charges using USB-C. In addition to standard black, the Pax Era Pro is also available in three new colors: red, jade and grey. It also features improved airflow vents and a tapered end cap that makes it even easier to slide into your pocket. 

What really makes the Era Pro so much smarter than its predecessor is all thanks to the new PAXSmart NFC-enabled pods with PodID. PodID contains data regarding strain information, potency and lab safety tests that can all be viewed through the PAX mobile companion app. The smart pods also enable the Era Pro to automatically set the strain’s recommended temperature as well as store custom temperatures and dosing limits on the pod itself, remembering your saved settings whenever inserted into the vaporizer.

On a side note, the PAX mobile app is currently only available for Android devices as Apple has recently removed all vaping apps from their app store amid the vaping hysteria caused by black market THC vapes tainted with Vitamin E acetate.

PAX is focused on promoting itself as a trusted and reliable brand for customers by providing product transparency through their PAXSmart pods. The good news is that the new PAXSmart pods still work well even without the app and are backwards compatible between the new Era Pro and original Era.

Last but not least, the new Pax Era Pro also offers a 10% longer battery life. The PAX Era Pro is available now for $69.99 on PAX’s website or in retail dispensary stores. While the original Era continues to be offered for about half the price, the ability to use the new PAXSmart NFC-enabled pods with PodID along with all of the other new enhancements make the PAX Era Pro well worth the extra investment. 

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