Smart Cannabis Corp. (SCNA) Commences Retail Sales with Acquisition of CBD and Hemp Operations – Yahoo Finance

Smart Cannabis Corp. (“Company’) is pleased to announce that its new executive management has diversified the Company’s business strategies with the acquisition of a CBD and hemp retail operations. 

As a result, effective October 1, 2019, the Company acquired Budding Botanicals, and placed it within Company’s Next Generation Farming, Inc. subsidiary., and has also sold its products at pop-up locations in Southern California. ” data-reactid=”15″>Budding Botanicals has been actively selling its CBD and hemp products at its online store at, and has also sold its products at pop-up locations in Southern California. 

“We are very excited with the launch of a new CBD/Hemp retail operations.  Please stay tuned for further details on the new operations and the person who will head up the new operations,” said Mark Cheung, the interim CEO.  “We believe that positioning the Company in the very relevant cannabis sector will immediately enhance growth potentials and provide value to our shareholders.”” data-reactid=”17″>About Smart Cannabis Corp.
Headquartered in California, Smart Cannabis Corp. previously focused its cannabis sector business operations in the construction and sales of cannabis-related greenhouses, but has now diversified into the retail sales of cannabis and hemp products by acquiring Budding Botanicals (see website at

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