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 Some CBD-infused treats, like the brownies, marshmallow cereal bars and banana bread, are made daily and other products, like the bath salts, come directly from the CBD source,
said Pedro Mojica, co-owner of Nature’s Natural Pain Relief in West Bend.

Brianna Vogel/Daily News Staff

WEST BEND — Monday marked the grand opening for Nature’s Natural Pain Relief, a CBD store born from one owner’s experience as caregiver for the other, who found healing benefits from the plant. CBD is one of several compounds in the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, has no psychoactive properties. Users can benefit from natural pain relief, lowered inflammation, reduction in withdrawals, epilepsy, anxiety and many other chronic illnesses.

Co-owner Pedro Mojica saw the potential for CBD after fellow co-owner Jim Malczewski used it to heal neuropathy as an alternative to the narcotics he was prescribed for pain.

“It was the only thing that worked, and I had no pain after I started to use it,” Malczewski said. Through this process, he became a believer in the plant’s potential.

Mojica said he realized it could help many others and decided to open a store, which was a much quicker and easier process than he anticipated and allowed them to open within a few months.

“I want to help people — they have personal stories and that’s what’s important; more than the phone ringing or selling more products,” Mojica said. “I’m not in it for money — what’s rewarding is being able to help people, so our mission is to get the information out there.”

He has been told stories of people prescribed hydrocodone for pain who were able to transition to CBD. Not only did they benefit from a relief of side effects, but they found a non-addictive substance that is beneficial for the body at a similar cost.

“I want people to know there is another alternative to pharmaceuticals,” Mojica said. “I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell someone to stop taking something or that CBD will cure your disease, but it will help.”

Nature’s Natural sells a variety of products, including oils, creams, tinctures, infused baked goods, bath salts and flower. Mojica and Malczewski are especially proud of Nova, a veteran-run company which sells products in many forms.

Research has given Mojica the confidence in recommending products to people for their specific needs, be it an unexpected ache or long-term illnesses and pain. For those who are homebound, they offer shipping.

“It is all about the dosing and strength; you need to pay attention to that for the product to last longer and be effective, so you should always know what you’re taking,” Mojica said. “And get it from someone knowledgeable because not all products are the same — some only have hemp seed and not the whole flower.”

He encourages his customers to read reviews of the product they’re busing, see how long the company has been in business and verify their lab results. And once a customer selects a product and leaves, Mojica wants to reach out after they have used it to make sure it is helping and working optimally.

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