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BIDDEFORD, Maine, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Biddeford, Maine based company Casco Bay Hemp has responded to customer demand by releasing a new line of private label CBD items, all of which contain 0% THC.

the United States, yet many customers remain wary of taking any product that contains THC. In many states, even the medical use of cannabis/THC remains stigmatized, but this is not the case with Hemp and its non-psychoactive extract, CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, and individuals possess varying degrees of sensitivity to it, which can lead to some uncomfortable trial and error. Perhaps most importantly, the prospect of failing a drug test dissuades many who may potentially benefit from CBD from incorporating the substance into their lives.

Casco Bay Hemp’s private label, THC-free CBD products have provided a solution for those customers who would like to explore the health benefits of cannabis/hemp without ingesting THC. It is not necessary to consume THC in order to gain all of the wellness benefits associated with hemp/cannabis, and we know that many of our customers are unwilling or unable to try a product containing THC. Our new product line, which includes tinctures and salves, has been created specifically to suit their needs” said Casco Bay President Eben Summer.

Casco Bay Hemp’s 0% THC products are made from either CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD distillate. Broad spectrum CBD is often touted as superior by those most familiar with cannabis products, whereas CBD isolate (pure CBD isolated from the starting full spectrum oil) is often considered easier to administer due to its level of purity.” data-reactid=”15″>For more information, please visit” data-reactid=”27″>View original content:

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