New bill proposed to allow CBD products to be marketed as „Dietary Supplements” – WYMT News

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) – A new bill was proposed to the federal government to allow CBD products to be marketed as „Dietary Supplements.”

The FDA regulations are strict on how CBD products are marketed and sold.

Our  sister station WKYT spoke with people around the region on how this effects them.

Kentucky CBD Pharmacy Owner, Robert Matheny says, „We can’t say that its a cure we cant say that it’s going to change your life because it can give false hope to some people.”

If the proposed federal legislation is approved it would be one of the few times the FDA recognizes a medical title to a CBD product. As of now, the FDA only recognizes one, a purified form of CBD to treat seizures.

Matheny says although this is a start the problem runs deeper. He would like the FDA to allow CBD products to showcase the effects they have on pain and anxiety.

Today if a business is found marketing CBD products in an unapproved way, they can be fined thousands of dollars or have their license revoked.

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