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While golf is sometimes overlooked as one of the most popular sports in the world, companies and entrepreneurs are finally beginning to realize the opportunities for profit and exposure. Now, one of the most controversial products on the market is making inroads into the golf scene.

For those that were not aware, the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show kicked off last week in Orlando and as you would expect, a lot of club and apparel brands were in attendance. There was one significant difference at this year’s show…CBD products. The number of CBD related tents went up from 6 last year to around 20 this year.

If there is anyone out there whose isn’t familiar with CBD, it’s a chemical that’s found within cannabis. THC is the compound that gets you “high” while CBD is the compound within a marijuana plant that has natural healing properties. When extracted, CBD on its own can be used to help relieve things like pain, stress, and anxiety.

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Many of the companies that were in attendance at the Merchandise Show were pushing pretty common product forms like capsules, creams, and honeys. One of the more interesting products that was available was from the company Hath. Hath has CBD patches that you can wear for 24 hours, which could be revolutionary for long term pain treatments. There are also pure oil options available from Hath.

While everything about CBD sounds good on paper, there is still much research to be done when it comes to side effects or potential risks with use. However, that hasn’t stopped PGA TOUR players like Bubba Watson and Charley Hoffman from endorsing different companies and products. Even with players lining up behind products, CBD use and support is yet to be figured out by the PGA TOUR and other golf organizations.

While nothing official has happened, there seems to be so much support that the PGA TOUR will likely allow CBD use in the near future. Since it does have such a close relation to THC, there could be some complications or contingencies attached to its use. Whatever happens, this is something worth monitoring over the next few months.

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