30 pounds of pot, THC liquid found in vehicle – 1011now

LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Police arrested four people after 30 gallons of THC liquid, 30 pounds of pot, and over 2,500 THC vapor cartridges were found during a traffic stop.

LPD said on Friday around 11 a.m., officers pulled over a 2019 gray Dodge Caravan near Mile Marker 399.

LPD said the officer could smell marijuana, and the driver admitted he had a small amount of pot in the vehicle.

However, the cargo area of the van was filled with crates and boxes, and over 30 gallons of THC liquid, 2600 THC vapor cartridges, over 30 pounds of marijuana, 79 grams of THC shatter, and .40 caliber firearm were found.

Matthew McGee, 26, Anthony Cooper, 33, Alex Burtch, 20, and Richard Cicanese, 19, were all arrested with possession of marijuana and THC with intent to deliver.

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