NEW RULE: OLCC allows CBD tinctures to have more than 10 mg of THC – KDRV

MEDFORD, Or — You might see new products on the shelves at your local hemp store. 

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is allowing CBD products, specifically tinctures, to have up to 50 milligrams instead of 10. This starts on February 1st, 2020. 

„We’ve had many many changes; rules constantly changing.” said Brie Malarkey. She is the CEO and Founder of Sun Breeze Inc. „Well at this point the position of the Co-Op is that we are really against anymore legislation ruling.” said Mark Taylor. He is the Founder and Director of Southern Oregon Hemp Co-Op Inc. 

This new change doesn’t mean your CBD products will get you high, because it does not effect the amount of THC that’s in a serving. „When they threw in that 10 milligram of THC limit in an entire container; even though it’s under the point three percent the milligram, we can’t sell this topical anymore.” said Malarkey.

Confusing right? Malarkey’s tinctures have the same amount of THC it had before (below point three percent per serving). If you count each serving though, it would bring the total amount of THC in the bottle above 10 milligrams. That was a problem for Malarkey’s business, she couldn’t sell multiple products because of it. „Now I’m so excited. After lots of letters, different retail stores and customers writing in. The OLCC, the Commissioners and the Technical Advisers decided at least on tinctures and drops to allow up to 50 milligrams of THC.

Malarkey’s capsules and lotion are still not allowed to be more than 10. It can be sold if it’s in smaller quantities, which means customers have to buy smaller amounts of products. Depending on the store it could cost customers more money.

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