CBD store opens in Woodbury – St. Paul Pioneer Press

Woodbury’s first store for hemp-oil products has opened in the Woodbury Lakes shopping center.

The CBD Centers Woodbury is an outlet of the Midwest Hemp Farms, a co-op of southwestern Minnesota farmers with 1,000 acres of planted hemp.

The store’s products include oils, ointments, gummie-style candies and other edible products containing CBD, an extract of the hemp plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol.

“It’s Minnesota grown from seed to shelf,” said store manager David Sutton.

The store is the co-op’s first in the metro area, said Sutton. The co-op operates other stores in Mankato, Rochester, Waseca and Alexandria.

Sutton said the co-op grows its own plants. “We have our proprietary hemp strains with high CBD,” he said.

Hemp is related biologically to marijuana, but has far less of the intoxicating THC than marijuana.

CBD, which occurs in both plants, does not cure any diseases, said Sutton. He said that customers buy it for help dealing with ailments including insomnia, anxiety and inflammation.

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