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EXPORT, Pa., Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leybold is progressively breaking into the cannabis market, which is projected to reach $22 billion in the next two the three years, with the help of its leading-edge dry vacuum technology.  Leybold is confident these innovative vacuum pumps and systems can give a competitive edge to both newcomer and veteran distillers and processors working in the booming cannabis industry.

Leybold recently presented several vacuum pumps and leak detection equipment on site at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, the largest professional cannabis business event in the world. Engineer and Sales Development Manager, Gene Ligman, along with expert engineers and client service representatives from Leybold introduced visitors to technology that can greatly enhance their production processes. The leak detector was powered up and many exhibit attendees walking by stopped to ask about the interesting looking machine. 


An international leader in vacuum innovation for over 165 years, Leybold has revolutionized the processes of an ever-growing number of forward-thinking manufacturers in sectors from food production to steelwork. Innovative dry vacuum technology allows these companies to benefit from an oil-free, efficient, sanitary processes, free of downtime. Leybold’s pump technology is changing the paradigm of twenty-first century production. 

Leybold is well-positioned to partner with professionals focused on cannabis extraction, distillation, and processing.

Why Partner with Leybold?

Leybold understands the cannabis industry, especially when it comes to the challenges posed by rapid growth. To put it simply, growers are producing more plants than the industry can handle. Acres of viable crops are going to be left in fields to rot due to a lack of dependable equipment that is specialized for cannabis production. Leybold customer APTIA Engineering, an equipment manufacturer for oil extraction, actively supports clients who are racing toward 10 to 20 tons a day, and a manufacturer may be moving $50$75,000 worth of product through the extraction process every hour.

„The vacuum pumps are the most critical in our distillation equipment,” said APTIA Engineering in a video testimonial. „You have to have a very reliable pump. We ended up selecting Leybold to provide those vacuum pumps. It’s a recognized brand that builds reliable products.”

Why is dry vacuum technology well-suited for cannabis processes?

For the same reason this technology is improving production for freeze drying and food processing, Leybold’s vacuum pumps can vastly improve the way most cannabis is being processed today. „Vacuum drying will become increasingly important due to its shortened cycle time,” Gene Ligman shared. „It could even be argued that with a shorter cycle time, less inventory would have to be on hand in various stages of drying at any given time, thus reducing net working capital and improving cash flow dramatically.”

Partnering with Leybold will allow you to increase production and eliminate unplanned downtime, giving you a clear advantage in a competitive market. With a dry, oil-free vacuum pump, such as the VARODRY dry screw vacuum pump, you eliminate the need for routine oil changes and maintenance. With 100% dry technology, the risk of product contamination from the use of oil is also eliminated.

Find more information on Leybold’s vacuum pump applications for the cannabis industry here.

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