Readers Write: Iowa caucuses, impeachment, CBD, Minnesota taxes, single-use plastic – Minneapolis Star Tribune

All the political analysts are quick to note that the incomplete results in the Iowa caucuses cast serious doubt about the strength of the Joe Biden campaign. Yet I submit they show much more — that none of the “leading” candidates would be strong contenders in the general election. At present, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has over 26% of the delegates.

I believe that many Democrats wish that sexual orientation were not relevant. However, there is a huge contingent in the U.S. (in both parties) that would never vote for a gay president of the United States. The fact that so many voted for him shows a distaste for the others — Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for trying to win on a platform of revolution, and Biden (perhaps) because he is too old and has many questionable actions and votes in his past. The mere fact that Buttigieg, rather than someone else, has become the champion of moderation is astounding. Michael Bloomberg entered the race because he could see that none of the leading Democratic candidates can defeat President Donald Trump.

I agree with that assessment.

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