Tenn. bill would raise THC limits for state drug tests – WVLT.TV

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — A new bill filed to the Tennessee legislature aims to change the state’s requirements for drug tests.

The new bill ( HB 2054/ SB 1944), sponsored by Rep. Bryan Terry, would increase the limits for THC. The current law states that 50 ng/ml of THC would trigger a positive drug test. The proposed bill would increase the limit to 150 ng/ml.

The bill would impact drug tests for government employees, students, people who receive government benefits and people who are on parole or bail.

The new cutoff would also deny courts from revoking a person’s bail when less than 150 ng/ml or revoking a person’s probation or parole as long as it is under the cutoff.

According to the bill, a local agency, principal or school counselor would not be able to disqualify a student from participating in voluntary extracurricular activities based on a positive THC drug test under the limit.

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