Man Arrested After Police Find 379 THC Cartridges – Fox News South Texas

Edinburg, Texas– A traffic stop leads to a narcotics seizure and one arrest

20-year-old Adrian Eli Reyes was stopped near Jackson and Chapin street on Thursday. Police discovered 14 cartridges of THC liquid inside the vehicle. Officers obtained a search warrant for Reyes’ home — There officers found 379 cartridges of marijuana, Xanax pills, a firearm, and close to 6 thousand in cash. They also found drug-like candy.

We want the community to know that the Edinburg police department is working hard to stop drugs coming into our city and more importantly to our kids… a lot of kids are getting addicted to these drugs.

Reyes was arraigned on Friday, he is facing charges of intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm.. his bond was set at 190 thousand dollars.

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