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Dear Stoner: How can THC-infused bath products get you high by just sitting in the water? Sounds suspect.
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Dear Thinking Face: It does sound pretty weird — just sitting there, getting high from the surrounding bath water. But these magical weed pools do indeed exist, and you can create your own after dropping about $30 at your local pot shop. Don’t believe us? Westword contributor Amber Taufen recently tried a few cannabis-infused bath products for the sake of science and self-care, and her report might turn that thinking face into a mind-blown one.

Green bathing after Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath.

Green bathing after Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath.

Amber Taufen

For starters, Taufen noted, we can absorb cannabis through our skin during a process called percutaneous absorption. Although that isn’t the most efficient method of consumption, the cannabinoids will eventually enter your bloodstream if the oils in the bath products are concentrated enough and your skin pores are open (so get that water hot). These products are largely intended for self-care, but if used long enough and in large amounts, the high comes on gradually, hitting your body more like an edible, she reported.

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