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International Cannabrands Inc. (CSE:INCB) announced Wednesday the launch of its new CBD Brand “Baseline” and related direct-to-consumer e-commerce store. The brand was designed with a goal of daily supplementation of the human endocannabinoid system with each product developed to help maintain balance in the body.

Formulations under the new brand count full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD-infused with whole-plant components, and adaptogens, making in that manner both original and very efficient products.

„The market is excited about the potential of CBD, and for good reason,” Greg Davis, Chief Growth Officer and Head of CBD for the Company said in a statement. „However guidelines around dosage, frequency, and modes of ingestion are still unclear to a majority of consumers. In response to what is missing in the category, Baseline’s brand ethos is devoted to providing simplified and effective solutions supporting a range of need states.”

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International Cannabrands highlighted three features that make its Baseline products unique:

  • A Daily Supplementation Approach – the company promotes everyday small dosages of CBD to make the best effects and get your body back in balance.
  • Need State Specific Formulations – it has created four different products, each targeting particular needs. Fog Lifter is for better concentration, REM Ritual is for quality sleep, Day Shift is to boost energy, and Ground Control is to ease the stress.
  • A Commitment to Bioavailability – International Cannabrands products under Baseline brand are relying on proprietary dry liposome preparation, which enhances bioavailability.

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