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Cannabidiol has quickly become one of the beauty industry’s most talked about ingredients and can be found in body cream, face serum, bath salts and more. One of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, CBD boasts a wide range of alleged benefits for your complexion. “When it comes to skin, there are few things CBD can’t do,” said Ryan Lewis, owner and CEO of Global Cannabinoids. “It’s a great natural remedy for different skin issues, and the results we’re seeing are so promising, particularly in combination with other botanicals and active chemicals like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.” An option for all skin types, CBD won’t get you high but will make your skin glow. Here’s a look at its purported beauty benefits.

How does it work?

Typically, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant as a powder. It’s then mixed with a host oil, such as hemp or coconut, to allow for an effective application on the skin. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, its benefits are far reaching. “As far as active ingredients go, CBD checks a lot of boxes. It’s relevant to a wide variety of customers. Whether you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles or even just inflammatory skin responses, CBD can help,” Lewis said.

Other powerful antioxidants that can be applied topically include vitamin C, vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E and resveratrol. Many products combine a cocktail of different antioxidants to address free-radical damage on multiple fronts. “CBD works best in formulation with other botanicals to achieve maximum benefits,” Lewis said.

Choosing the right product

All the advantages of CBD become meaningless when found in the wrong product. To be sure you’re getting a quality product, look for labels that include “cannabidiol” in the ingredients list and boast “full spectrum,” “isolate” or “whole plant CBD.” Be thoughtful about the other ingredients as well and shop around until you find something that works for you.

If you’re looking for an anti-aging product …

Free-radical damage is one of the main culprits of premature aging, and using antioxidant-rich products can help counteract its effects. CBD can fulfill this need while also deeply hydrating. “Because oxidative stress can cause wrinkles, dullness and skin tone issues, it’s important to use antioxidants such as CBD in your skin care routine,” Lewis said. “Hydrated skin is also more youthful in appearance, so a high level of hydration combined with antioxidants can help with the visual effects of aging.”

If you’re looking for an acne solution …

CBD is an established anti-inflammatory, which is important when battling breakouts. “For people dealing with acne, finding the right product to soothe and calm the skin is paramount. CBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, and we know it can lessen acne-related redness and swelling for people with reactive skin types,” Lewis said. CBD may also help reduce sebum production on the skin, leading to a more balanced, healthy complexion.

If you have sensitive skin …

CBD can deliver powerful results without overpowering your skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. “The reasons why CBD can be beneficial to acne-prone skin are why it benefits sensitive skin as well. It helps soothe and regulate,” Lewis said. As a plant-derived ingredient, many products containing CBD are also found in the clean beauty aisle and are free of harsh, chemical-based ingredients.

It’s not just topical application—consuming antioxidants in food and supplements is helpful in combating oxidative stress as well. Try a few drops of food-grade CBD oil in your fruit smoothie for an extra boost.

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