West Virginia deputies warn public about imitation candy infused with THC – WHSV

TYLER COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) — West Virginia law enforcement agencies are warning the public about imitation candy infused with THC that’s packaged very similarly to its authentic inspiration.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office posted a warning on Facebook that’s been shared by other agencies across the state.

THC is the psycho-active compound in marijuana — it’s the chemical that differentiates hemp from marijuana, because once a cannabis plant reaches a THC concentration of more than 0.3%, it’s defined as marijuana.

It’s separate from CBD, which is considered non-intoxicating and touted to have medical benefits.

The product being warned about is designed to look like a Nerds Rope, according to Tyler County deputies. The imitation candy, though, comes with 400 mg of THC, which is 35 percent more than the amount of THC in a common joint of marijuana.

Officials say this amount of THC could be potentially harmful to children if they eat the candy unwittingly.

„We would like to make parents aware that this has been found in our county and to please check candy before your child consumes candy items that may have been given to them,” the sheriff’s office said in the post.

Anyone that finds this candy is asked to contact the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office at 304-758-4229.

While West Virginia has legalized medical marijuana, THC candies like these are illegal in the state.

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