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February 27, 2020


election 2020 marijuana voter guide

Adult-use cannabis legalization in the White House, or your state, and in your town, depends on your vote. (artfriday/AdobeStock, Leafly)

Quick facts:

When is the election?

  • Primary elections occur state-by-state through September.
  • Super Tuesday is March 5, with 14 state primaries that account for 40% of the US population.
  • The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

How do I vote?

Where do I vote?

Depending on the state, you can vote early by mail, absentee vote, bring your absentee ballot to the polls, or vote at a polling station on Election Day. Click here to find your polling place.

What am I voting on?

The next President of the United States. Also: 33 US Senate seats; all 435 seats in the House of Representatives; 11 state governors; thousands of state senators and representatives; and many local city council, or county supervisorial races.

What’s at stake?

Everything for cannabis: Federal and state adult-use cannabis legalization; medical cannabis policy reform; state-level legalization; as well the state and local leaders who will implement or block reform. To give an example, about 79,000 votes in three states decided the 2016 presidential election. By contrast, 100 million eligible voters did not vote in that election.

Who should I vote for?

  • It’s up to you. Read Leafly’s guides below, and other groups’ endorsements. Ask local and state candidates where they stand on legalization, and legal stores.
  • NORML recently graded governors on cannabis policy.
  • The Cannabis Voter Project tallies how members of Congress have voted on cannabis.

The State of the Leaf 2020

A total of 34 states now allow medical marijuana. Of those, 11 states plus Washington, D.C. have also legalized cannabis for adults 21 and older. Here’s our map of which states are legal, featured in Leafy’s 2020 Jobs Count.

Cannabis on 2020 state ballots

These states may have legalization measures on the Nov. 2020 ballot.

State Medical or Recreational Name/Sponsor Signatures needed Signature deadline
Arizona Recreational Smart & Safe Arizona 237,465 July 2
Arkansas Recreational Arkansans for Cannabis Reform 89,151 July 3
Florida Recreational Make It Legal Florida Effort abandoned Now looking at 2022
Idaho Medical Idaho Cannabis Coalition 55,057 April 30
Mississippi Medical Mississippians for Compassionate Care 85,000 Signatures submitted Sept. 2019
Montana Recreational (two measures have been filed) New Approach Montana 25,468 and 50,936, respectively
Nebraska Medical Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws Unclear Unclear
New Jersey Recreational (Advisory vote only) Placed on ballot by Legislature None necessary
North Dakota Recreational LegalizeND 13,452 July 6
Ohio Recreational Cleveland attorney Tom Haren 443,000 July 1
Oklahoma Recreational New Approach PAC 178,000 90 days after approval
South Dakota Medical New Approach South Dakota On Nov. 2020 ballot as Initiated Measure 26 Completed

Presidential candidate positions on cannabis

election 2020 marijuana voter guide

Democratic voters have a spectrum of legalization options to chose from this primary season. (Leafly)

Where they stand: Every original presidential candidate’s policy on cannabis, legalization, and drug reform.

presidential candidates and where they stand on marijuana legalization

About 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization, Pew Research finds. (Leafly)

Each candidates’ marijuana record, plans

Want to know more about each candidate’s past and present legalization policies? Click below.

Joe Biden:

Mike Bloomberg:

Pete Buttigieg:

Amy Klobuchar:

Bernie Sanders:

Elizabeth Warren:

What about Trump?

President Trump has been all over the place with his opinions on federal cannabis legalization, medical marijuana, and drug policy in general.

Here’s a selection of our latest coverage:

Primary election schedule

Date State Primary or caucus Winner
February 3 Iowa Caucus Buttigieg/Sanders
February 11 New Hampshire Primary Bernie Sanders
February 22 Nevada Caucus Bernie Sanders
February 29 South Carolina Primary
March 3
Alabama Primary
Arkansas Primary
California Primary
Colorado Primary
Maine Primary
Massachusetts Primary
Minnesota Primary
North Carolina Primary
Oklahoma Primary
Tennessee Primary
Texas Primary
Utah Primary
Vermont Primary
Virginia Primary
March 10 Idaho Primary
Michigan Primary
Mississippi Primary
Missouri Primary
North Dakota Primary
Washington Primary
March 17 Arizona Primary
Florida Primary
Illinois Primary
Ohio Primary
March 24 Georgia Primary
April 4 Alaska Primary
Hawaii Primary
Louisiana Primary
Wyoming Caucus
April 7 Wisconsin Primary
April 28 Connecticut Primary
Delaware Primary
Maryland Primary
New York Primary
Pennsylvania Primary
Rhode Island Primary
May 2 Kansas Primary
May 5 Indiana Primary
May 12 Nebraska Primary
West Virginia Primary
May 19 Kentucky Primary
Oregon Primary
June 2 Montana Primary
New Jersey Primary
New Mexico Primary
South Dakota Primary
July 13-16 Democratic Convention Milwaukee
August 24-27 Republican Convention Charlotte
November 3 2020 Election

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