Giving students access to CBD products – KIMT 3


Around lunchtime every day, Kaya Koball is taking a dose of her CBD oil. She takes the oil three times each day to treat her epilepsy. Once a day, during the school afternoon, a member of her family has to take time to administer the dose since the District doesn’t allow CBD products on school grounds. 

„It sucks, she’s in high school, she’s supposed to be independent and do things on her own,” Justin Koball, her father said. „She’s still reliant on me to show up.”

The routine is a daily obstacle to Kaya’s education. 

„Right now, she’s missing, what do you have English or something?” Justin asked. 

„Yes, I’m in English class right now,” Kaya said. 

Her father has his own business and wishes the School District would meet him halfway. 

„I just wish they would advocate more instead of letting the parents do it all, here we are trying to pull strings and get stuff done, it takes a toll on myself, our relationship with our daughter,” Justin said. „It takes a toll on the business.”

Despite all the hurdles – Kaya’s father says his family will do whatever it takes to ensure their daughter is healthy. 

„It’s my child, my responsibility, I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure she has the proper care and medicine she deserves,” Justin said. 

When KIMT News 3 reached out to Rochester Public Schools for comment, they referred us to a policy that states „CBD is not allowed on school grounds,” but offered no further comment. 

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