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Favour is the brainchild of three women, mother-daughter duo Jamie and Gigi Grimstad, and friend Margaret Bastick, all on a single mission to find the best solution for CBD use. „As we each experimented with all the various forms of CBD — capsules, tinctures, balms, gummies, salves, drinks, you name it — we realized that the countless positive effects are very real but entirely unreliable,” Bastick says.

„With a shared love of what nature has to offer and the instinct to distill only the richest, unadulterated, and natural forms of it, the source for Favour has been hard-earned. Organic and immaculate, Favour’s production process and wellspring of pure ingredients is near and dear to our hearts, yet the delivery is where this gum outshines any other CBD product on the market,” Gigi Grimstad says.

Favour FAQs:

  • Fast absorption – up to 5x faster than ingested pills or liquids
  • High bio-availability – studies confirm oral delivery is better than ingesting pills
  • Dosing made easy – each piece contains 10mg of CBD, verified by 3rd party lab testing
  • Easy to use – relieves consumer’s growing pill burden, is transportable & convenient
  • Sugar-free and zero calories 

Favour gum retails for $19.99 per pack, which comes with 8 pieces of gum, 80mg of CBD total. Favour also conveniently offers a subscription model with 3 packs for $59.97 or 6 packs for $119.94. Before a meeting, during an exam, on the plane, or after work, Favour works when you need it, it’s easy to transport — and it’s fun. Although it’s hard to imagine that something so familiar, fun, and discreet such as chewing gum could be born of anything other than novelty, Favour surpasses that by a lifetime. „Favour is a friend that always supports you being your best self, each and every single day,” Jamie Grimstad says.

Favour is now available for purchase at, as well as with select retailers nationwide. 

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