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CBD is now a product that’s been around for a while, so we’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of it yet. It’s helping a lot of people overcome their pain and anxiety so it’s becoming well known for that. CBD is often taken in the form of CBD oils. It’s easy to find CBD oil for sale now that it is legal in the US. Read on to find out about the best CBD oils so far of 2020.

What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is a derivative of cannabis. There are two main strains of cannabis – hemp and marijuana. As we know, marijuana makes people feel high. This is because of its high THC content. On the other hand, hemp contains much less of the psychoactive THC. Therefore, it doesn’t make people feel high. That’s why CBD oil is made from the hemp plant. It won’t make you feel high, but you will feel all the benefits of CBD.

People are finding plenty of benefits from taking CBD oil. It can help calm your anxiety and stress. This helps people get to sleep easier and stay asleep for longer. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties, so can help relieve joint and muscle pain.  You can buy CBD oil online so accessing it is very easy.

How to Pick the Best CBD Oil for Your Needs

So, what makes any CBD oil the best CBD oil for your needs? There is a range of factors in this that we’ll cover.

First, the potency. There is a wide variety of strengths you can buy. The bottle tends to state the total amount of CBD found in the bottle. This will usually vary somewhere between 100mg to 2000mg, though we have seen concentrations up to 5000mg available. The concentration makes a big difference to how potent the product is. Beginners may opt for a lower concentration while experienced users may prefer a higher amount of CBD in their CBD oils.

One way of telling if a company has the best CBD oil for sale is the lab reports. You’ll find that some companies have the lab reports from third party testing freely available on their website. However, some don’t! Reading a lab report can give you some reassurance that the product is safe and contains what it says it does.

Another factor is the extraction method of the CBD. There are multiple ways CBD can be extracted and some are healthier for your consumption than others. The cleanest and most pure method of extraction is the CO2 method. That’s because this method leaves no residue of unwanted materials on the CBD.

You can learn a lot from the experience of other users of the products. Product reviews are a good source of information on how good the product is.

Top Brands in 2020

Try the CBD

  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum, THC Free

  • Flavors: Unflavored

  • Strengths: 5000 mg, 3000 mg, 1500 mg, 600 mg, 500 mg, 200 mg

  • Ingredients: Hemp-Derived CBD, Industrial Hemp Oil (0% THC), MCT Oil

  • Lab Report: Available on their product page

  • Price Range: $19.99 – $234.99

Try the CBD oils is great because they offer unflavored CBD oil which is perfect for adding to food or taking on its own.

Another great thing about the Try the CBD oils is that they come in a whole range of CBD concentrations. This is great as it gives you the ability to control your dose. The higher concentrations in Try the CBD oils are some of the highest you’ll find on the market today.

Another great thing about this brand is that they have the lab reports for their products freely available on the product page. This provides greater transparency, so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

Overall, this is a great brand to buy cbd oil from if quality and concentration levels are important to you.

Hemp Bombs

  • CBD Type: Full spectrum

  • Flavors: Acai berry, orange creamsicle, peppermint, watermelon and unflavored

  • Strengths: 125mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg

  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts (CBD), MCT Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Oil, Natural & Artificial Flavoring

  • Lab Report: There is a lab tests page with a search function.

  • Price Range: $24.99 – $299.99

Hemp bombs have a large product range with different strengths of CBD content in their oils. This gives a lot of options, whether you’re looking for a more mellow oil or a higher strength one.

You’ve also got plenty of flavor options to choose from. Some people don’t like the natural unflavored taste so these people will enjoy having the other flavor options to pick between.

Since 2016, Hemp Bombs has been making hemp products. They control the manufacturing of their products and use premium ingredients in all their products.


  • CBD Type – Full spectrum

  • Flavors – natural, mint, berry, vanilla, citrus

  • Strengths – 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, 2400 mg

  • Ingredients – Organically Grown Hemp Extract, Full Spectrum Cannabinoid blend, flavoring from natural sources, Terpenes, Medium Chain Triglycerides

  • Lab Report – Available on their lab reports page

  • Price Range– $39 – $129

FabCBD is great because their oils come in 5 amazing flavors. This is perfect for those who prefer their oil flavored, though the natural option is still there if that’s your preference.

The FabCBD oils are made from organically grown hemp extract and a full spectrum cannabinoid blend. They use natural sources for their flavorings which is great if you like to avoid artificial flavors.

This brand prides itself on farming their hemp in Colorado without the use of pesticides. It’s important that people know what they are putting into their bodies and where it comes from.

Premium Jane

  • CBD Type: Full spectrum

  • Flavors: Natural, mint, mint chocolate, citrus

  • Strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg CBD

  • Ingredients: The natural flavor contains hemp oil extract, MCT oil, natural flavors, terpenes.

  • Lab Report: available on the product pages.

  • Price Range – $54 – $154

The hemp used to make the CBD oils at Premium Jane is all sourced locally from Oregon. It is non-GMO and vegan. They don’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers when farming the hemp.

The products are routinely tested to ensure that they have less than 0.3% THC. This means that these full-spectrum products will not get you high.

The bottles have handy droppers that help you measure your dose easily and safely. It creates no mess and you can’t lose the dropper as it’s in the lid.

Charlotte’s web

  • CBD Type: Full spectrum

  • Flavors: Olive oil (natural), mint chocolate, lemon twist, and orange blossom

  • Strengths: Range between 7 – 60mg CBD per ml

  • Ingredients: Premium hemp extract, carrier oil and flavor.

  • Lab Report: None we could find

  • Price Range – $39.99 – $299.99

Charlotte’s Web is a premium brand that offers product bundles. These are a great option if you want to try out the different flavors or want one for daytime and one for nighttime.

They use premium hemp extract in all their products and take pride in developing only the highest quality CBD oils.

Some of the Charlotte’s Web hemp oils feature a dropper in the design of the bottle. This is an easy and fuss-free way to administer the oil and measure your dose.

Where to Buy CBD Oil


Many people like to buy CBD oil online because it’s an easy and convenient way of accessing it. You can just log onto your computer, purchase, and it will arrive at your door in no time! It’s also an easy way to compare products and brands as you can go to the sites and easily look at a few different kinds.


Some people still prefer to go to physical stores to buy CBD oil. This gives you the benefit of being able to ask the shopkeeper about different kinds of CBD oils and what they recommend.


In states where marijuana is legal, you’ll likely find some dispensaries. Although hemp-based CBD oils don’t need a prescription, you can still buy them at dispensaries. Generally, the people who work at these are very knowledgeable about cannabis in general so you may prefer to buy CBD oil from them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil online, it can be overwhelming to see the range of options that are out there. So, hopefully, you’ve found this guide to the best CBD oils of 2020 helpful.

Now you know what to look for to select the best CBD oil for you. Which is the best will depend on your personal criteria. However, potency, lab reports, user experience, and extraction method are all important factors in this.

There are a lot of options for where to buy CBD oil – online, in stores or dispensaries. It’s easy to find and can help you with a wide range of issues. These include insomnia, chronic pain and relief from anxiety. So, why wouldn’t you try CBD oil for yourself?









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