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Have you tried CBD oil yet? You’ve no doubt heard friends or family members talking about the various benefits of CBD oil, but you mind find yourself wondering what it is, where it comes from, why it’s so popular, and whether or not CBD is simply a passing fad.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a molecular extract from the cannabis plant. Even though CBD and marijuana are both derived from the same kind of plant (cannabis sativa), CBD and marijuana differ in that CBD oil is non-intoxicating.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

Marijuana contains higher amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the component responsible for causing marijuana’s “high.”

In contrast, CBD contains only trace amounts (if any) of THC, which means it delivers many of the healing benefits of cannabis, yet it does not produce any kind of high.

Why is CBD Suddenly Everywhere?

Diet, health, and wellness trends come and go, and many arrive like a beast on the scene, garnering all kinds of attention from consumers and the media, then tend to fizzle out when the next new fad arrives. The sudden uptick in CBD’s popularity may appear similar to other wellness trends unless you understand the events that led up to its sudden media spotlight.

When the most recent U.S. Farm Bill was passed in December of 2018, it changed everything for the CBD industry. Essentially, this bill legalized industrial hemp at the federal level. Specifically, this piece of legislation created a distinction between marijuana and “industrial hemp” by using the amount of THC as a marker. According to the bill, hemp products (such as CBD oil) containing less than 0.3% THC are classified as “industrial hemp” and are legal at a federal level.

Some states have subsequently passed their own legislation to further regulate hemp products and derivatives. Always check with your local legislation to understand cannabis laws in your area. Any cannabis product containing more than 0.3% THC is considered marijuana, and this remains a Schedule I drug and is regulated as such.

After the Farm Bill passed, CBD manufacturers were then able to distribute CBD products across a greater population of consumers, rather than only in the states where marijuana is legal. This explains why the CBD oil industry appears to have suddenly exploded overnight. Today, you can find CBD products for sale in nearly all states across the U.S., anywhere from holistic healing centers to gas stations and even CBD oil for dogs. CBD oil is now widely available.

Is CBD Just a Fad?

But is CBD oil and hemp oil just a passing fad, soon to follow in the path of celery juice and the South Beach Diet? One look at the history of cannabis would imply that CBD is here to stay.

Hemp has been grown in the United States as early as the 1600s, and its use and benefits have been known as early as 8000 BCE. CBD has been used for treating a wide range of conditions and ailments, with anecdotal evidence of support with sleep, pain, anxiety, seizures, weight loss, hormonal imbalances, headaches, depression, acne, heart disease, and much more. Those who buy CBD oil and rely on it for their health and well-being will tell you it’s here to stay.

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