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Molly the golden retriever mix has a nose for Naked Leaf’s CBD Soft Chews. (Photo by Cyndi Zaweski)

By now we’ve all heard the buzz about CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive marijuana extract that is being touted with helping with everything from stress management and anxiety, to inflammation and better sleep.

For humans, it is becoming increasingly popular, whether taking the oil on its own or as an additive in cocktails. It is even available in gummy form. But it is not just people who can benefit from CBD.

Studies at Cornell University bring great news for dogs. In particular, CBD has been shown to help pooches suffering from osteoarthritis. But it’s not only sick pups who can benefit. Research suggests that CBD can help with all-round wellness. Maintaining digestive health, emotional health and immune response are some of the ways CBD products can benefit pets.

Offering 100 percent organic CBD products for animals, as well as humans, Naked Leaf was founded in 2018 by Heidi and Nathan Whitman to help their own rescue pets. The company recently launch CBD subscription box service stocked with a 90-day supply, delivered to your door.

“Administering CBD to dogs who encounter a stressful situation can only benefit them,” Ms. Whitman said. “Situations from newly adopted dogs, to those in transport or ones experiencing loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, can cause undue stress on a dog and can be mitigated with Naked Leaf CBD products. There will be a calming effect and the CBD will take the edge off, allowing for a more manageable and happier pet.”

For household pets, the subscriptions are available for large canines (30 pounds and up), small canines (2 to 30 pounds) and felines. The Canine Box contains two products: three bottles of CBD Daily Drops (in chicken flavor) and three pouches of CBD Soft Chews. The CBD Daily Drops contain American-grown CBD Oil with a hint of organic chicken. The company recommends serving it on a dollop of their favorite food or treat. CBD Soft Chews contain five milligrams of CBD and a natural beef flavoring. Easy-to-digest treat for dogs, the treats are formulated to relieve physical and mental discomfort.

The Feline Box, also designed to promote wellness and a sense of calm, contains three bottles of CBD Daily Drops in tuna flavor and is best served at meal time, according to the company.

The perfect dosage varies from person to person, and pet to pet. On that back of each product package, the company provides a dosing guide. The general wisdom is to start slow, gradually increase, and find the sweet spot, according to Naked Leaf.

My Dog’s Review:

From the moment the Canine Box was opened, Molly was intrigued. Clocking in at 55 pounds, our golden retriever mix was smitten by the smell of the CBD Soft Chew. She even tried to stick her nose in the bag before it was opened. We started off with two treats (the recommended dose is three a day), which was enough to mellow her out before an early work night bedtime. Now, we regularly incorporate the treats into her diet. It especially helps take the edge off during loud thunderstorms.

Each subscription box comes with a subscription to NatuRx Magazine, webinar with CBD experts and other perks. Canine Boxes start at $53 per month. Feline Boxes are $41 per month. Learn more at nakedleaf.com/subscriptions.

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