THC Caps, Vacation Rental Preemption & Union Bill Stall In Senate As Budget Remains Unresolved – WFSU

Several high-profile issues appear doomed in the Florida legislature.  Among them: plans to limit the amount of THC in medical marijuana; an effort critics decry as union-busting; and a plan for the state to regulate vacation rentals. Senate President Bill Galvano says those issues may be gone-ers.

“I said from Day 1 when I took the gavel, we’re going to let the Senators be Senators and empower them, and that’s what happens. Some things make it, some things don’t,” he told reporters Monday as the House was preparing to take up HB1.

The proposal requires union members to submit a form to their employer stating they want dues deducted from their paychecks. Employers would have to confrim with the employee that they’ve authorized the deduction. 

The measure also calls on union members to sign a statement acknowledging Florida is a right to work state, meaning they acknowledge the ability to work in a place without having to join a union or pay dues. 

Meanwhile, lawmakers remain at impasse on key budget-related issues, like teacher pay, funding to extend the state’s tourism marketing agency,Visit Florida, and healthcare proposals. The House and Senate have yet to agree on an overall budget figure and session is slated to end March 13. If lawmakers cannot reach a budget agreement, the legislative session could be extended. 

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