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Moonshiners on Discovery is a smash success of a show and it’s not difficult to see why. You’ve got a ton of guys who’ve made a living off of making giggly-happy-juice as they please. Their lives are dedicated to making the best darn batch of mountain juice possible, and we, the viewers at home, get to see them pursuing their dreams of crafting moonshine everyone wants to drink.

They’re also constantly upping the ante, like Tickle did with CBD.

CBD infused products are all the rage these days, and it’s because of the „relaxing,” non-high feeling people get when imbibing the natural product. CBD is extracted from hemp and marijuana and in case you didn’t know, it does not actually get you high. Don’t believe what some 15-year-old who managed to sneak his mom’s pen out of her purse will tell you: there’s absolutely no THC in CBD.


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That doesn’t mean people aren’t infusing THC in their booze so you get cross-faded with just a few sips, but CBD moonshine won’t have those effects on you. So what does CBD do actually? 

These are the reported benefits of ingesting the natural chemical:

  • Relieving pain.
  • Potentially help with anxiety and depression.
  • Mitigation of cancer-related symptoms
  • Help with acne.
  • Treatment of neurological disorders.
  • Contribute to healthy heart functions.

Other potential benefits of CBD ingestion are antipsychosis, tumor mitigation, preventing diabetes, and help with abuse of substances.

I would say though, that drinking a ton of moonshine with CBD might not be the best way to go about getting healthy. All the CBD in the world probably won’t protect your liver if you’re pounding the 'shine day in, day out.

But, it could help lead to a more relaxing drinking experience, which is probably what Tickle and the gang on Moonshiners were going for when he put the „frog-butt-green” CBD into his famous booze.

The thing is, though, infusing CBD with homemade alcohol could be a dangerous venture. As in explosions could occur and they could get seriously injured in the process.

This is pretty much always the case when you’re dealing with chemistry and introducing a new variable into any experiment, but that didn’t stop Tickle and the other Moonshiners from giving it a go.

Each one of the show’s stars have been burned when making Moonshine at some point or the other in their bootlegging careers.

They started the infusion process by combining hemp with ethanol. Then they went through the process of straining the ethanol out of the hemp so they could add it to the moonshine, which is no easy task. Henry imparted some words of caution to his moonshine-making pal.


Source: Discovery

Henry: „Let me tell you one thing… you better be scared because I’ve seen too many people… I’ve been burnt before, kids been burnt before and this right here is something beyond that we’ve ever dealt with before. I’m extremely nervous about it.”

Hemp Shine | Moonshiners

Tickle, Henry, and Kenny are developing a new kind of moonshine with a 'special’ ingredient. Watch full episodes of #Moonshiners NOW on Discovery Go. https://bit.ly/2T18PML

Posted by Moonshiners on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What do you think of CBD moonshine? Are you willing to try it? Or would you rather get cross-faded the old fashioned way?

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