Delbia Do Distributes CBD –

Delbia Do Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fragrances and flavors, as well as a USDA Organic Certified Producer and Handler, will be the exclusive distributor of Kentucky BioScience International (KBio) hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products for use in personal care and cosmetics.

The company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with KBio, a domestic producer of CBD products with headquarters and processing plant in Bowling Green, KY, as well as farming networks in Kentucky and Virginia. KBio produces pure CBD ingredients deliverable in winterized crude, full spectrum distillate and isolate powder.

“We’re excited about working with Delbia Do Company to provide the purest CBD ingredients for use in personal care and cosmetics,” said KBio CEO Robert Huttick. „Together, our companies are focused on providing pharmaceutical grade, all natural ingredients to millions of sophisticated consumers.

More info: Darryl Do, Delbia Do, 1 (718) 585-2226.

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