Historic Cannabis Tax on Trinity County Ballot, Says TCAA – Redheaded Blackbelt

Trinity County Elections Officer accepting petitions.

Trinity County Elections Officer accepting petitions. [Crop of a photo provided by Trinity County Agriculture Alliance]

Press release from the Trinity County Agriculture Alliance:

The Trinity County Agriculture Alliance (TCAA), a licensed cannabis trade organization, is proud to have completed a successful petition drive to place a fair, industry-informed county cannabis tax proposal on the November 3 election ballot. The Trinity County Commercial Cannabis Tax was created by industry experts and participants, along with input from community leaders and subject matter specialists, and was inspired by the craft beer and wine industry. The petition garnered the support of 1,260 signers in only 5 days, which represents 16% of Trinity County’s registered voters and was made possible through the efforts of dozens of volunteers who braved 100+ degree weather, hundreds of miles traveled and the risks of Covid-19.

A local, opposing, anti-cannabis group of individuals attempted to get their own county tax proposal on the ballot via a petition, which was rejected by the Elections Office due to a failure to comply with elections codes. Their proposal was unpopular with many in the community and industry for not being production based, arbitrary minimums and severe supply chain taxes that would eliminate many of the county’s small farms and impede future development, along with the potential for much-needed tax revenue.

The support by the industry to tax itself is unprecedented and a testament to the willingness of these licensed businesses to contribute to their community. If passed, TCAA’s tax, a

production-based, flat rate, tiered cultivation tax on commercial cannabis, will serve as a model for other counties and states to follow. It was designed to support Trinity County’s small farms, encourage the high-quality production that drives demand for Trinity County cannabis, and provide long-term, sustainable tax revenue. The tax includes:

  • A 2.5% gross sales tax on retail cannabis businesses within Trinity County.
  • A tiered tax rate of $15.44/lb. for cannabis flowers, $4.59/lb. for cannabis leaves, and

    $2.16/lb. for fresh cannabis plant and tiered by a percentage of the full rate:

      • 1- 100 pounds 25%
      • 100-400 pounds 50%
      • 400-1000 pounds 75%
      • 1000+ pounds 100%
    • A bond in favor of Trinity County, or cash deposit, in the amount of $.50/sq. ft. of license type to insure the county can collect taxes due.

    The Trinity County Agriculture Alliance is the first trade association of the county’s legal cannabis industry, with a mission to foster an ethical, sustainable, and prosperous cannabis industry in Trinity County by empowering members to advocate for their interests, promote their value, and support the communities they call home.


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