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Who better than The World Health Organization (WHO) to say “there is no health without mental health”?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate global headlines, there’s no doubt that this virus poses a threat to both physical and mental health.

Mental and physical health are connected, and as the pandemic continues to increase the prevalence of stress, anxiety and depression, patients’ risk of experiencing chronic physical and psychological conditions is on the rise.

This elevation in mental health stressors can weaken patients’ psyche and energy, directly causing severe—yet potentially avoidable—health concerns. But several studies highlight how CBD could decrease the severity of the mental health impactors brought on by COVID-19.

Stress and the Pandemic

The American Psychological Association reported that in 2015, money and work were the two most significant sources of stress for American adults—for eight consecutive years. So it should come as no surprise how common stress has become as the pandemic continues.

During March and April alone, 22.2 million jobs were lost, according to the Labor Department’s survey of businesses. Market Watch reports that fewer than half of those laid off or furloughed have gone back to work.

Not surprisingly, heightened unemployment has led to a shortage of cash for millions of Americans. But how you respond to this stress depends on several factors, including your background, your social support, your health and emotional background, the community you reside in, your financial situation and more.

How CBD Helps with Pandemic-Related Stress

Studies show proof of CBD’s efficacy in treating anxiety and sleeplessness with minimal side effects. For some, especially those working in the healthcare industry, this has tremendously improved their quality of life.

Dr. June Chin, author of Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness, recently told CNN, “Healthcare workers [who] are working long shifts are finding CBD helpful for restorative sleep and on their days off using it for pain and inflammation—from being on their feet all day, [and having] low back pain and neck pain.”

But healthcare workers aren’t the only ones experiencing the benefits of CBD for pandemic-related stress. Chin further explained, “CBD can also help with panic attacks and insomnia as the prevalence of depression and PTSD mounts in response to this pandemic.”

Evidence from a 2015 study further supports the potential to use CBD to treat anxiety disorders, suggesting it could be used as a PTSD treatment.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs discussed the pandemic’s potential impact on PTSD, highlighting how it can affect PTSD-related symptoms and difficulties. This includes increasing on-guard or unsafe feelings, trauma triggers, recklessness, negative thoughts and feelings and issues with sleep and concentration.

Much of the active research focus is on CBD’s potential for easing the direct physical side effects of COVID-19. But it’s essential to note that some research—not to mention, plenty of anecdotal evidence—highlights CBD could provide relief from overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and depression brought on by the pandemic.

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