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The best CBD oil has been presented in several studies as treatment options for cancer patients. Some results were inconclusive while others showed the great potential of CBD oil for cancer care.

CBD is a cannabinoid mostly extracted from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive side effect of cannabis. The best CBD products for sale can be found in-stores and online.

What Causes Cancer

Cancer is an age-long disease the medical field has been battling with and continues to struggle against. It is caused by changes in a person’s genetic makeup that leads to uncontrolled cell growth and forms tumors. Most cancers are caused by DNA alteration or damage, while a few cancers are due to inherited genes.

Like most fatal diseases, cancer does not single out a particular part of the body but instead spreads unless it is treated, usually with methods such as chemotherapy. Cancer has a very high fatality rate but with recent technology and emerging studies, cancer patients now have a much better chance of survival than they would have 20 years ago.

Many cancer treatments are on a clinical trial basis because every cancer is considered unique, and it depends entirely on the genetic makeup of the patient if their body will respond well to any type of treatment. Radiation therapy seems to be the most effective but many patients find themselves exhausted and feeling worse right after.

With this, many are looking for ways to alleviate symptoms of cancer and lessen the harsh side effects of cancer treatments. CBD has been found effective in helping with this.

CBD for Cancer

Some side effects of cancer and undergoing cancer treatments are nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, appetite loss, anxiety, and depression. Patients seek relief from more natural and organic products to lessen their chemical intake, which they get enough from in their medications.

A CBD cancer treatment guide may be able to help cancer patients in their battle against cancer with CBD’s many health benefits that prove beneficial. These benefits include:

  • Relief from nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments
  • Promotes relaxation that results in a fuller and complete sleep cycle
  • Topicals help with the pain caused in joints by changes in the body’s immune system
  • CBD gummies and edibles help in regaining the patient’s appetite
  • Oils and tinctures can also help for pain relief and inflammation

Along these, CBD also fights anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Though CBD has many health benefits, it is most important to remember that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CBD products are not fully intended to treat cancer or any other medical conditions, but instead are used as supplements to help maintain the overall body’s wellbeing.

Research and Case Studies

A recent study has found CBD to be effective in catalyzing cancer cells’ death and making glioblastoma cells more sensitive to radiation. Glioblastomas are cancer cells responsible for glioma cancer, the most lethal and malignant primary brain cancer that occurs mostly in adults.

Other studies have also suggested that CBD helps in preventing tumor growth in pancreatic and bladder cancers. Clinical trials and research in breast cancer and prostate cancer therapy using CBD products have also been conducted with promising results.

Best CBD Oil for Cancer

Many studies already support CBD as a great health supplement to sustain and maintain the body with its daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The best CBD oil for cancer can be found in many pharmaceuticals alongside other health supplements such as fish oil and the like. Online stores like CBDMEDIC also cater to high-quality CBD products that undergo third-party laboratory testing to ensure decontamination and high-grade hemp strains.

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