CBD oil added to elephants’ diets at Warsaw Zoo – WPTV.com

Elephants in Warsaw Zoo can soon get relaxed and be stress-free thanks to cannabis oils added to their diet!

The study is part of an innovative therapeutic experiment to relieve the animals’ stress.

It aims to research the impact of CBD oil on the moods of different animals.

Although the oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, it does not cause intoxication.

It has previously been used on cats, dogs and even humans.

Elephants were chosen as the first animals to undertake the CBD therapy because they are prone to stress and are easy to monitor.

Zookeepers have been serving CBD mixed with the elephants’ food.

They also plan on administering it directly into the animals’ mouths.

So far, the elephants have not complained about the new item on their menu, according to zoo keepers.

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