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CBD capsules provide a quick and simple way to enjoy CBD, no matter what the situation. Designed to look and be used just like regular capsule supplements, CBD capsules are one of the most discreet ways to take CBD.

CBD oil capsules have many benefits, including their size and portability, but the one thing that they lack is versatility. Many other forms of CBD, including oils and edibles, can be consumed in several different ways. CBD capsules, on the other hand, are simply swallowed with no way to alter dosage amounts or any other elements.

CBD capsules’ small size and ability to pop them in your pocket and take them with you wherever you go often leaves people wondering if they can be used in different ways. For those who struggle to swallow capsules, but still want their ultra-portability, is it possible to open them up and use the oil sublingually?

In order to answer the question of whether CBD capsules can be broken apart and consumed, it is essential to understand how capsules are made and what you will find as you break them apart.

What Are CBD Capsules, and How Are They Made?

CBD capsules are designed to be a quick and straightforward way to consume CBD. But what you gain in convenience, you lose in customization. While CBD oils allow you to control the precise dosage and way in which you take them, capsules provide precisely what they state on the packet and nothing else.

Many CBD capsules are made using the same CBD oils that can be found in a brand’s flagship tinctures. Pure Kana CBD capsules, for example, are made using PureKana‘s premium full-spectrum CBD. Additional steps are, however, needed to pack the same dose of CBD into a small capsule.

While a 25mg dose of CBD might fill an entire 10ml dropper when in capsule form, the same amount of CBD is contained within only a few milliliters of liquid. During manufacturing, CBD oil is processed and concentrated, allowing a large dose to be contained within a small space.

CBD oils are made from as little as two ingredients: CBD extract and carrier oil. CBD capsules, however, require a few added extras to form the casing of the capsule. PureKana, for example, uses a combination of gelatin and glycerin to create a shell that is easy to swallow.

What to Expect When Opening CBD Capsules

As with any capsule, it is physically possible to break them apart in order to access the liquid inside. Most high-quality CBD capsules will be made from only a few ingredients, and therefore breaking through the shell. You should find a CBD extract and oil blend.

Due to the concentrated nature of the CBD extract found within capsules, the amount of liquid will be no more than a few milliliters. The small amount of liquid makes capsules much harder to work with when broken apart than regular CBD oil tinctures.

It’s important to remember that CBD capsules are designed to be swallowed whole and therefore won’t work as effectively when taken sublingually. Due to the way CBD capsules are created, the entire capsule is intended to enter your digestive system, where it can then be broken down.

The CBD contained in capsules will then be processed in much the same way as other ingestible forms of CBD, working its way through your liver and ending in your bloodstream. When CBD is consumed sublingually, it skips many of these steps, moving straight from your gums to your bloodstream.

As capsules contain a very concentrated amount of CBD in a small amount of liquid, it is much harder to ensure that the full dose is absorbed sublingually into your bloodstream.

What to Expect When Taking CBD Capsules Sublingually

CBD oils are designed to be enjoyed sublingually and are therefore very often flavored. Even unflavored CBD oils have a natural herbal taste to them that many people enjoy. CBD capsules, on the other hand, are meant to be quickly swallowed and therefore are not designed to taste great.

The oil within a CBD capsule is likely to have a slight chemical taste to it and would leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. In order to access the CBD oil within capsules, you also have to bite through the outer coating, which is often made using ingredients such as glycerin, further adding to the unpleasant taste of capsules.

The overall experience of taking CBD capsules sublingually is not going to be worth the convenience that comes from having CBD contained within such a small form factor. For those who prefer to take CBD sublingually, a much better option would be to consider pre-measured portable CBD oil droppers.

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