Smart skin care: CBD start-up Moia Elixirs launches patented nanofiber face mask –

Founded in 2017, the start-up was specialised in high-dose CBD oils and blended creams, most recently launching the patented nanofiber face mask, following seven years of research and development.

The ‘CBDerma-Repair’ nanofiber mask incorporated a range of active substances – CBD, hyaluronic acid, gluconolactone, vitamin C and vitamin E – directly into the individual nanofibers, enabling protection and release when activated by water. Moia Elixirs said the design enabled 97% absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The product carried a raft of beauty claims, including ‘rejuvenates your skin’, ‘improves skin elasticity’ and ‘reduces wrinkle appearance’.

CBD absorption ‘on a completely different level’

“We are the first brand and company which has incorporated CBD into nanofiber – that has never been done before,”​ said Jakub Mohl, founder of Moia Elixirs.

Jakub Mohl, founder of Moia Elixirs

Jakub Mohl, founder of Moia Elixirs

Speaking to CosmeticsDesign-Europe, Mohl said this kind of technology and innovation created a “really wide”​ opportunity for future product development.

Whilst Moia Elixirs’ first nanofiber mask broadly targeted ‘repair’, he said there could be “tons of product made available with this kind of technology”​, including masks for anti-ageing or problematic skin.

This, combined with how the active-infused nanofibers were protected, released and absorbed deeply into the skin, was where the promise truly lied. “The penetration and absorption of active ingredients is on a completely different level compared to a normal face mask where only 15-20% of the active ingredients absorb into the skin,” ​he said.

“We believe it’s the new way and new future of cosmetic application and transportation of actives to the right place, where the consumer needs it.”

EU expansion goals – targeting the higher end of CBD beauty

Moia Elixirs’ product range, including its nanofiber mask, was only currently available online and in select private clinics across the Czech Republic, but Mohl said the firm was negotiating additional distribution opportunities.

“We are looking for the right opportunities to expand and find the right partners for distribution and for retail strategic partnerships to be able to deliver these products to different markets.”

Mohl said Moia Elixirs was “in a great position for expansion within the EU market”, ​given it was based in the Czech Republic. Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and the UK all offered “really great opportunities”​, he said.

Moia Elixirs is specialised in high-dose CBD oils and creams (Image: Moia Elixirs)

Moia Elixirs is specialised in high-dose CBD oils and creams (Image: Moia Elixirs)

Discussing points of distribution, he said the brand was well positioned to be distributed in pharmacies for problematic skin care conditions like acne and eczema but also spas and premium hotels as part of premium skin care treatments.

Asked if the company was going to target mass retail, he said: “I would say, the future will show that.”​ Though he added that given Moia Elixirs was start-up with a specialised and high-end product range, it was unlikely it would launch into mass commerce any time soon.

“It’s not a cream for €13 – that sets up where the brand is heading. We have a deep knowledge of cosmetic formulation and that’s why we are using only the premium ingredients which have proven effects on the skin, and our clients understand the quality and what we can deliver.”

Moia Elixirs’ anti-ageing 50ml creams were priced at just under €60, with its smaller 30ml cream range just under €30. Its 10ml oils ranged from €35 to €169 for a highly specialised 10ml variant containing 5000mg CBD, suitable for pro athletes.

CBD+ beauty actives – ‘it was quite a big challenge’

The Moia Elixirs product range, beyond its pure CBD oils, blended the cannabinoid with other actives, including hyaluronic acid, argan oil, jojoba oil and noni fruit extract, among others – not the easiest of formulation choices, Mohl said. 

“It was quite a big challenge at the beginning, with our mission of all the active ingredients we wanted to put together in one solution (…) At the beginning, it seemed impossible, but we put it all together and we are happy that our crazy idea became a reality.”

“…We see CBD as a breakthrough new ingredient in cosmetics, and we see that, with the right combination, you can create even better products.”

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