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This article will discuss THC, how it gets in your system, how long it stays in your system and how to get it out of your system to pass a urine test. The way that news and information spreads rapidly via the internet has been a technological marvel of this generation. The downside is that there is a lot of misinformation and pseudoscience regarding passing drug tests. These pieces of advice are often untrue and sometimes even dangerous. If you are looking to educate yourself on how what steps you can take to efficiently and effectively get THC out of your urine, keep reading. 


What Is THC?

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. To put it simply, and to avoid getting into the chemical composition of the cannabinoid, THC is the part of marijuana that gets you high. Marijuana is described through countless nicknames, and is delivered through numerous forms. The most popular form of ingesting THC is through smoking weed, but marijuana oils can be easily added into baked goods, beverages, candies, vape pens, sprays among other things. Store-bought weed and weed products are usually clearly marked as containing THC, which should help buyers know what they are putting into their systems. 


How Much THC Do You Have In Your System?

This can be a complicated question as it depends on several factors, including your personal lifestyle and physiology, what exactly you are ingesting, and how often you are ingesting it. While many consider one or two of the factors on this list, in order to fully assess how much THC you have in your system and how long it will be in your system, you will need to address all of the following factors diligently. How much THC is in our system will determine how long it will show up in your system. 


Lifestyle and Physiology

Your personal lifestyle, metabolism and body composition will help determine how much THC will show up in your system. THC stores itself in your body’s fat cells. This means that the more fat you have, the more THC can be stored and detectable in your body. Your metabolism also plays a factor in the way that your body can store and dispose of the THC in your system. As a general rule, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can cut unnecessary fat from your body and keep THC stores low. 




Different strains and different forms of cannabis all come with varying levels of potency. Simply put, the weed in one joint may be three times as potent as the weed from a different joint, a pot brownie, or another marijuana form. The weed itself may be more or less potent depending on its manufacturer and its form of delivery may have an effect on its potency as well. This is all to say that there may be some margin of error when calculating how much THC is in your system at any given time. 



How often you smoke or consume weed containing THC will directly affect how long the cannabinoid stays in your system. If you are trying to determine if THC is still in your system, it is important to be honest with yourself about how often and how much you smoke. Some estimated time tables exist that can give you a good idea of how long THC stays in your system. For example, if you smoke or consume THC for the first time, it is said to be detectable in your urine for five to eight days. If you ingest THC occasionally, it is said to be detectable in your urine for eleven to eighteen days. If you ingest THC regularly, it is said to be detectable in your urine for thirty-three to forty-eight days. If you are a daily smoker or consumer of products containing THC, it is detectable in your urine for up to ninety days. 

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How To Pass


Your strategy for passing your upcoming drug test will vary depending on how much THC you expect to have in your system and how soon the test is. Whether you have plenty of time to detox naturally, or you need to same day solutions to pass, there are routes you can take. 


When You’ve Got Time

When you have at least a month’s notice before your drug test is scheduled, the safest and easiest way to ensure that you pass is by detoxing naturally. This is a process that will require you to stop smoking or consuming marijuana, but it is the most effective. The first step of an all-natural THC detox is to stop consuming marijuana. Many of the other steps involve simply living a healthy lifestyle. This includes engaging in daily exercise, staying hydrated, and limiting unhealthy foods. As previously mentioned, THC stores itself in fat cells. Shedding fat and sweating out toxins through daily exercise is a sure fire way to get rid of THC. Without going over the top, drinking plenty of water, around 8 cups a day, will further flush toxins out of your body. Finally, unhealthy foods that are high in fat and sodium slow your metabolism and encourage your body to retain water. This is the opposite of what you want. Stick to fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources while you are detoxing. 


On Short Notice

Where people tend to panic is when a drug test comes up at the last minute. Whether you have a week to prepare or less than twenty-four hours, there are several products on the market that can help. The different detox products available will advertise how long they take to clear your urine. Many product websites come with customer reviews that should help you make final decisions between different products. Make sure you do your research at this stage. While there are effective detox products out there, some are a waste of money. If you go the detox product route, be sure to purchase an at-home drug test kit to see whether or not the product actually works.

More inventive ways to pass your urine test is buy purchasing synthetic urine or another person’s clean urine. These options may not be plausible for drug tests that are administered by probation officers or employers. If they are available, they may be a better way to ensure that you pass.

You may also choose to get your testing done at a urine drug test HQ


The Bottom Line

If you need to pass a urine test soon, you have plenty of options at your disposal. The most important thing to figure out will always be how much THC is in your system. If you eat right, stay hydrated, stay active, and refrain from smoking or consuming THC on a daily basis, you are likely to have plenty of time to naturally shed the THC from your system.

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