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With most establishments closed or at partial capacity and word that camping may save the economy, you can bet there are many people looking for an outdoor adventure. And that’s why we want to share the best strains for camping along with our favorite cannabis products to take on the road. 

The camping boom is happening with good reason. If you can find a safe place to camp, away from others, you are not only having a fun time in a safe manner, but you’re also contributing to the economy. That is, assuming you have made reservations and are making use of campgrounds or cabins. 

And if you’re planning a camping trip, we recommend you make a reservation early. Like, as early as possible. Recreation.gov offers an interactive map to look at what’s available and when, and you’ll notice that popular camping sites are booked out weeks in advance. 

We’ve discussed hidden parks, beaches, and rivers across Washington and have no doubt a determined camper will find a place to have a great time. We also have no doubt that some quality cannabis will enhance the trip even more. 

Keep in mind that public consumption of marijuana is illegal. Use your best judgment. There are plenty of 420-friendly campsites available on Airbnb and other sites, just be sure to read through the rules before booking a stay somewhere. 

The best Cannabis strains for camping 

What’s better than smoking a joint around the campfire? One of the best parts of camping is just getting to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. A good strain can make the moment even more special. 

For an occasion like camping, we recommend hybrid strains. Sativas are great for daytime use, and we especially love them for boosting focus or giving us a burst of energy. Indicas, on the other hand, are great for evening use and to help melt into relaxation or even sleep. Hybrids are a great blend of the two. A well-balanced hybrid should help you relax without sending you into sleep. 

Cake Mix by Lemonnade 

This tasty strain has a vanilla aroma paired with the sweetness of wedding cake. Its silky, creamy frosting flavor enhances the sweet experience of smoking Cake Mix. The nugs are covered in frosty trichomes that promise an intense high. 

You’ll notice a heady high with this one, followed by an overall body-high experience. You can zone out in front of the campfire or even go on a beautiful nature walk as long as you get up before the deep relaxation hits. This strain is great for midday use as you explore your environment as well as evening use for extra relaxation.

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Narnia by Soulshine Cannabis

This heavy-hitting sweet smelling strain is a wonderful choice to take camping. It has a bright and fruity flavor that pairs nicely with its earthy undertones. 

Be prepared to be met with the skunky force as soon as you take a hit. This strain is known to come on strong and slowly fade into a relaxing bliss, but if you’re not prepared for the initial impact, you may be prone to a little anxiety or stress as you adjust to the high. 

Overall, Narnia is both energizing and relaxing, thanks to its balanced terpene profile. With a cross of Trainwreck and Jack Herer, Narnia is a unique sativa strain. If you want something that will relax your body and mind without weighing it down and putting you to sleep, Narnia is a wonderful option.

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Dutch Treat by Western Bud

Fruity and sweet with hints of pine and eucalyptus, Dutch Treat is a favorite strain for many. It’s perfect for camping because it’s both uplifting and relaxing which can contribute to a fun experience.

This hybrid strain hits the user hard and fast. You’ll feel its euphoric effects almost immediately as you feel uplifted and maybe even giggly. While you’ll feel uplifted and euphoric, you’ll also notice a decrease in stress and an overall relaxed feeling in your body. 

If you want a hard-hitting strain that will leave you feeling hazy and happy, Dutch Treat is for you. Let your whole body sink into relaxation without getting too sedated on your next camping trip!

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Best cannabis products for camping 

There are many ways to bring cannabis on your camping trip. Incorporating it in your meals and snacks is a great way to stay elevated all the time. Here are some of our favorites:

Tea’d Up Peach Black Tea by Evergreen Herbal 

If you want the perfect summer drink paired with a sip of nostalgia, this infused peach black tea is for you. It’s sweetened with cane sugar and has everything you’d want from an iced tea, and then some! 

This drink comes with a dosing ladder, as well as a resealable cap. You can measure out how much you drink throughout the day for an optimal experience. However, we think it’s pretty hard to put this drink down once you’ve had a sip. Go slow, though! With bottles filled with 100 mg of THC, you are sure to get a heavy buzz from this beverage. 

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Ceres Milk Chocolate Bites 

What’s a camping trip without s’mores around the fire? These milk chocolate bites make it easy to take your s’mores to the next level with the addition of THC. Roast up some marshmallows and put these tasty treats between some graham crackers and you’re ready to go. These delicious bites are made from organic chocolate, making them a choice you can feel good about. 

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Variety Delights Fruit Chews by Odd Duck 

If you’re camping with friends and family, it’s a good idea to not share things like joints, where you could potentially spread germs. It’s also a good idea to not share beverages. 

That’s why these fruit chews are such a great option for camping right now! They come in variety packs of various fruit flavors so everyone can have something they like. Plus, you can pass them around and allow everyone to select their own. 

If anyone on your camping trip has a sweet tooth, you don’t want to miss out on these tasty chews. 

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Final thoughts on camping and cannabis 

Remember that public consumption of cannabis is not legal in Washington. Be sure to read through all of the guidelines of your camping space before packing in any goods. 

We hope that our list of best strains for camping, along with great cannabis products to bring along, will help enhance your next camping adventure. Just be sure to pack it out when you leave! The last thing any camp space needs is cannabis packaging laying around from previous campers. 

Be sure to stop by Satori to stock up on all the green you’ll need to make your camping trip great. One of our friendly budtenders will be happy to help you find whatever you need! 

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