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CBD edibles (also called CBD gummies) are the perfect marriage of taste and wellness. This one-two punch is a healthy, tasty treat. CBD, on its own, is bitter and earthy, while CBD edibles are a fun, flavorful change of pace. There’s an ocean of options out there, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your taste buds.

You can even find vegan edibles, gluten-free gummies, gummies for sleep, and classic and imaginative flavors. You can find gummies made from natural, organically grown ingredients. There are even gummies with vitamins and minerals specific to men and women.

CBD gummies are extremely easy to take because they come pre-dosed. In fact, you’ll find it hard to just take one depending on how much you love the taste. The best CBD gummies are exactly like regular gummies, so it’s easy to grab a handful. But these are meant to be daily supplements, like vitamin gummies.

Ready to take the plunge? If you don’t know where to start, you’ve picked the perfect place. If you want to cut to the chase, here are the top CBD gummies. If you’re new to the world of CBD gummies, read on as we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below.

What are the best brands for CBD Gummies?

Company Price CBD (mg) per bottle Extract Type Vegan CBD Gummies Flavors
Balance CBD $25 300 Isolate Yes Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Orange Dreamsicle
Discreerly Baked $30 300 Isolate Yes Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Orange, Apple
Lord Jones $45 180 Broad Spectrum Yes Mixed
PlusCBD $50 300 Full Spectrum Yes Cherry, Mango, Citrus
Joy Organics $40 300 Broad Spectrum Yes Strawberry Lemonade, Green Apple
Green Roads $45 300 Isolate Yes Assorted Flavors

Best CBD Edible Companies to Choose From

Balance CBD Gummies

Balance CBD makes the best CBD gummies. The taste and all-around experience speak for themselves. You get five mouth-watering flavors made from natural ingredients grown to organic standards. These 10 mg gummies pack a delicious punch. They contain pectin which means these gummies are vegan friendly. One fantastic perk is that they have a doctor on staff that you can speak to for free. He was amiable, informative, and, again, free 🙂

With over 30,000 reviews at an average of 4.8 out of 5, you can be sure that these gummies are some of the best on the market. Balance CBD offers free shipping on all orders across America. You can get 15% off your first purchase with the coupon code FIRST15.

  • Retail Price: $25.50
  • Total Milligrams: 300
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 10
  • Total Number of Gummies: 30
  • Price Per Milligram of CBD: $0.08

Discreetly Baked

Discreetly Baked make their CBD gummies from real fruit juices that bring a burst of flavour to each gummy. These products are all natural, THC-free and third-party lab tested. Discreetly Baked started off as a family owned brand in Canada and now they are available to buy in the USA. All of their products sold in the USA are made with the finest U.S grown hemp. Discreetly Baked are committed to helping local farmers and families grow and that’s why we love this brand.

  • Retail Price: $29.99
  • Total Milligrams: 300
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 10
  • Total Number of Gummies: 30
  • Price Per Milligram: $0.09

Lord Jones

Lord Jones has become very popular as of late. These fruity gumdrops are very high-quality. You can taste the real fruit, but what makes them unique is that they are hand-crafted in small batches. You’ll feel like royalty with the attention to detail. There is 20 mg of CBD in each gummy. Lord Jones’ packaging is regal, elegant; however, you only get nine gummies. We’d recommend gifting yourself or a loved one these grand gummies.

  • Retail Price: $46
  • Total Milligrams: 180
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 20
  • Total Number of Gummies: 9
  • Price Per Milligram: $0.25


With only 5 mg of CBD in each piece, these gummies are spot-on for finding the right dosage. These gummies use full-spectrum CBD, so there’s less than 0.3% THC. This trace amount won’t get you high but may cause you to fail a sensitive drug test. Enjoy cherry mango or citrus punch in jars of 30, or 10 gummies. The one thing you should know is that they use European hemp grown to EU-certified standards.

  • Retail Price: $27.99
  • Total Milligrams: 150
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 5
  • Total Number of Gummies: 30
  • Price Per Milligram: $0.19

Joy Organics

Joy Organics has made a name for itself in the industry. These 10 mg gummies come in two delightful flavors: Green Apple and Strawberry-Lemonade. As a board member of the US Hemp Roundtable, Joy Organics maintains industry-leading standards. More importantly, we want to recognize their commitment to social causes. A portion of your purchase will go to a different charity each month. You can feel good and do good with Joy Organics.

  • Retail Price: $39.95
  • Total Milligrams: 300
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 10
  • Total Number of Gummies: 30
  • Price Per Milligram: $0.13

Green Roads

If you’re an experienced user or need more than your average dose, look no further than Infinite. They offer 10mg of CBD in each gummy. These gummies are shaped differently which is a change from the usual shapes that you see. They do not contain THC and come in assorted fruit flavors. Green Roads CBD products are an excellent choice, albeit they are a little on the pricey side.

  • Retail Price: $39
  • Total Milligrams: 300
  • Milligram Per Gummy: 10
  • Total Number of Gummies: 30
  • Price Per Milligram: $0.15

Best CBD Edibles: A list of frequently asked questions

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is part of the cannabis plant. There are two species of cannabis: marijuana and hemp; CBD is found in both. CBD is a cannabinoid. There are over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis; each affects the body differently. While studies are limited, CBD research has been promising.

CBD is found in abundance in hemp. In contrast, there is only a trace amount of THC — the cannabinoid that gets you high — found in hemp. This CBD to THC ratio determines whether a CBD product is legal in the United States.

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) has a hand in many vital bodily functions. It maintains your body’s inner harmony, which means that it works to keep you feeling „normal.” CBD interacts with the ECS, to potentially aid in pain, mental health, sleep quality, and more.

How do I know if my CBD gummies are legal?

Because CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana, you have to be mindful of whether the CBD gummies are using CBD from hemp or marijuana. CBD gummies that use CBD derived from commercial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Other CBD gummies that contain more than 0.3% THC may be legal in states where adult-use recreational marijuana products are legal. You must understand your local, state, and federal laws.

Can you get high from CBD?

Nope! Pure CBD will not give you that feeling of intoxication. People commonly assume that since CBD is derived from cannabis, it will get you stoned. High levels of THC in marijuana get you high. Hemp has such small THC levels that you won’t get the same psychoactive effects as the high levels of THC found in marijuana. When purchasing CBD gummies, look for the THC level to be below 0.3% to ensure that you won’t get high.

How to use CBD gummies?

Gummies are fun and convenient because you can get them in different shapes, flavors, sizes, and dosages. Check how many mg of CBD are in each gummy and what kind of CBD is being used.

It takes about 1-2 hours to feel the full effects of a CBD gummy because it must be digested. Before increasing the dosage, be aware of the time it takes to go through the digestive system. You don’t want to eat an entire pack of gummies within ten minutes, thinking that you’re not getting instant results, so one gummy may not be enough.

You can take gummies every day, and the effects will last four to six hours. The best way to store your gummies is in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are different from any other CBD products. These squishy candies are arguably the funnest way to take CBD, but there are more benefits that they offer.

Healthy ingredients — Companies have added additional healthful ingredients to their gummies. Vitamins and minerals can be added to gummies. Supplements like melatonin can also be added to aid with sleep. Understand how each ingredient will affect you.
Easy to dose — Increasing your dosage is as easy as taking another gummy. Since they are pre-dosed, you can easily monitor how much you’re taking.
Convenience — What can be easier than eating a tasty gummy? They are bite-sized, don’t fall apart, and look like regular gummies. If discretion is important to you, gummies are the way to go.
Easy to take — Smoking and vaping CBD may be hard on your throat or too conspicuous to do in public. CBD oils may be too involved to take, especially if you’re not using a reliable, graduated dropper.
Fun — Everything about CBD gummies are fun: the shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. With such variety, you’re bound to find something that you enjoy.
Sweetness — CBD gummies are inherently sweet treats; however, unlike other candies, you’re only meant to take a small amount in one day. If you’re concerned about your sugar intake, find CBD gummies that use natural sweeteners.
Dietary restrictions — CBD gummies can be vegan, gluten-free, and accommodate other dietary restrictions. If you want to avoid animal products, watch out for gummies made from gelatin.
Long-lasting — Because CBD gummies are edibles, they must go through the digestive process. While it may take longer to work, edibles last longer than other forms of CBD. Many factors determine how long the edible effects will last, including the strength of the gummy, metabolism, size, and body chemistry.

What are the medical benefits of CBD gummies?

The FDA does not recognize CBD as a cure or treatment for any symptoms or conditions. That being said, there have been many promising studies that point to CBD’s potential therapeutic benefits. We have linked to some of the major studies below.

The vast majority of what you hear is anecdotal evidence. Users are reporting positive results from using CBD on a variety of health concerns. People contend that using CBD helps with their conditions:

What other CBD products can I take?

There are lots of other CBD products that you can buy. These range from CBD oils (if you’re looking for CBD, no need to search for “cbd oil near me” on Google, here is a list!), You can also buy products such as teas, topicals such as pain relief creams and even CBD lube. Here is a list of the most popular CBD products, and a comparison of where to buy them.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

When you think of full-spectrum CBD, think about the whole plant. Full-spectrum CBD utilizes all the cannabinoids to accomplish the „entourage effect.” This entourage effect is when you get the synergistic benefits of the cannabinoids working together to a more significant impact than if you were to use them individually.

What is Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD utilizes all the cannabinoids except THC, which makes it the perfect choice for people who want to experience the entourage effect but don’t want THC. While 0.3% THC is not enough to get you high, it may raise a false positive on a sensitive drug test. If you have to take a drug test, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products have zero THC.

What is Isolate CBD?

Isolate CBD is pure CBD. There are no other cannabinoids found in these types of gummies. You don’t have to worry about any THC because all cannabinoids except for CBD are gone. CBD isolate gummies won’t make you fail a drug test or get you high.

What’s the difference between Hemp Gummies from Amazon and CBD Gummies?

There are no CBD products on Amazon. Selling CBD gummies is prohibited on Amazon. What’s being sold on Amazon are hemp oil gummies. Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds that have virtually no CBD. On the other hand, CBD oil is derived from the stocks and leaves of hemp that are rich in CBD.

Hemp oil gummies hold their own health benefits that include proteins, vitamins, beneficial fatty acids, and minerals. What you’re missing are the purported therapeutic benefits of CBD.

How do I find my dosage?

At this point, determining what your dosage will be is tricky. There’s no official dosing guide from the FDA. CBD affects each of us differently. Plus, each company uses different strains of hemp and has a different CBD formulation.

Various things go into finding your perfect dosage, like size, weight, symptom, and CBD type. Remember to start low and go slow. Before you increase your dosage, wait a week, monitor how your body responds, and, if you feel the need, increase the dosage.

CBD gummies are precisely dosed, so you can easily monitor how many milligrams you’re taking. Companies provide general dosing guidelines based on weight. Make it simple, take one gummy, see how you feel for a week, and then keep taking one more gummy a week until you find what’s right for you. Keep in mind, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Where to buy CBD Gummies?

If you’re searching for CBD gummies near me, there may not be physical locations near you that carry the ideal CBD gummies for your needs. We recommend that you buy CBD gummies online. The benefits of shopping online are convenience and selection. You can shop whenever or wherever you want. You can shop at a coffee shop at 1 am if you wish.

There is a limited selection when you shop at brick and mortar locations. Shopping online allows you to have access to virtually all CBD gummy companies. You can also research and make price comparisons online, but you can also take advantage of online-exclusive sales and products.

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