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Living busy, competitive and strenuous lives, pro-athletes use a lot of different techniques to gain any sort of competitive advantage. Today we’ll focus on how these pro-athletes use our favorite hemp-derived product — CBD — for better training and performance. 

It’s no secret that pro-athletes live an on-the-go lifestyle. For most athletes, a normal day would be to get up at an early hour in the morning and do their first training session, followed by their breakfast, meeting with their coaches and then another training session, followed by lunch then more training and more food.

With this jam-packed schedule they find little-to-no time to take care of themselves. This is why pro-athletes rely on their coaches, trainers and medical staff of their organizations to take care of them, so they can put all their focus on their craft. 

Like other pro athletes, Justin Williams uses CBD to reduce inflammation after workouts and competitions. (Photo: Medterra)

But for small-injuries and general self-care, these athletes must rely on different health products to help them. This is where CBD products can come in. To learn more, we talked to three athletes about how they use CBD: a PGA tour champion, a pro cyclist and a retired Olympic alpine skier. 

Justin Williams

The first athlete we talked to is Justin Williams, a professional cyclist out of Los Angeles California.

Born from immigrant parents in south central LA, Williams had great success early on in his career, winning championships as a teen and securing a spot on the U.S national team. Since his early success, Williams has bounced from team to team, but Williams is experiencing a resurgence as of late. During this late bloom in his career, Williams is quickly becoming one of the most influential figures in the sport, championing the African American and Latino communities of his hometown and helping them get into the sport of cycling. 

After learning from all the ups and downs the sport has to offer, Williams is using his own experience to train and provide opportunities to children of color interested in cycling, opportunities in which he had to fight for in his teenage years. Justin has now founded his own cycling team, L39ion, out of LA which features him as the main sprinter and team manager. He uses his platform and his team to provide valuable experiences to cyclists of color. 

As a road racer, Williams is constantly training with his team and puts an enormous amount of strain on his joints and muscles and as a social advocate for POC in the sport of cycling, he exerts a lot of his mental and emotional energy. He quite literally gives all of himself for the sport that he loves and the people he is fighting for, which means he’s extremely busy and strained all the time. 

How a professional cyclist uses CBD

To counteract the strain he puts on himself, Williams uses topical CBD creams to keep inflammation down and soreness at a minimum. He believes that the recovery process is just as important as the races themselves, as your recovery dictates your performance and well-being. Through the use of CBD topicals, he can cut his recovery in half, while also making him a happier and more able human being. 

“CBD helped me get rid of a lot of aches and pains.”

Cyclist Justin Williams

Williams told us, “I’ve integrated Medterra Pain Cream into my everyday life and it’s truly a game changer.” 

He added, “This is a product that’s helped me get rid of a lot of the aches and pains that come along with the years of beating myself up.” 

As a brand ambassador for Medterra, he also supports their mission. He believes Medterra is helping make quality CBD products easier to access. Medterra is one of our Top CBD Brands, because the Ministry of Hemp review team also uses their products to feel better

“I am proud to be a part of a brand that is doing its best to take care of the world the same way they take care of me,” Williams concluded. “That kind of commitment to people is rare.”

Julia Mancuso

A four-time Olympic medal winning downhill skier, with a gold medal during the 2006 Winter Olympics, Julia Mancuso has been a winner all her life.

Skiing with the likes of Lindsey Vonn and the U.S ski team from the mid-2000’s to the early 2010’s, Mancuso has enjoyed a long and fruitful career. But now as she gets older, she faces a different challenge: maintaining her physical health as well as being a mother and business owner. 

Even after retirement, Julia still maintains an active lifestyle. In order to maintain this lifestyle, she has to mitigate all of the nagging injuries picked up from racing down mountains for over a decade. Not only does she have to deal with those pre-existing injuries, she also has to fight all the little physical pains of daily life. 

How a retired Olympic skier uses CBD

Mancuso uses CBD gummies to keep calm in order to power through her long days spent surfing, running a business, and being an awesome mom to her child Sonny.

“I’ve been focusing on my health a lot more this year, and Medterra is a big part of that,” she said. “I love that the gummies make me feel calm and have anti-inflammatory properties that are great for recovery.”

Lucas Glover

A 19-year PGA Tour vet, Lucas Glover has experienced a lot during his golfing career, having his fair share of ups and downs. A U.S. Open champion in 2009, almost having to leave the sport and now experiencing late success in his career. Suffice it to say, Glover has been an athlete at all levels for a very long time.

In order to sustain such a competitive level for such a long time, Glover states that you have to be constantly evolving yourself and your treatments as an athlete, as the difference between great golfers and champion golfers is miniscule. So, athletes have to try and experiment with anything to keep their competitiveness consistently higher than their competitors. 

How a professional golfer uses CBD

For Lucas Glover, he tried CBD to up his game and recovery in 2018 and has advocated for its usefulness ever since. 

“At our level everybody is really good and 1% of an edge makes a difference, Glover told us. “For me the recovery, after working out, after playing, after travel stems from regulating inflammation and sleeping well.” 

Pro Athletes like Lucas Glover use CBD to enhance their focus and workout recovery time. (Photo: Medterra)

He maintains that in order to excel as an athlete, one must find an ideal mindset, one not too low-energy but also not too overly anxious as well. For him and our other athletes, CBD is a perfect catalyst to achieve that balanced mindset for peak performance. After incorporating CBD oil into his routine, Glover has had his best season in over a decade!

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” Glover said of his improved play. “I’m sleeping better, and I feel like my recovery is better.

“As far as my overall health, I feel great,” he continued. 

“I can tell the difference when I wake up in the morning and that’s a big part of it. Medterra’s really given me a leg up.”

Final thoughts: How top pro-athletes use CBD

These athletes maintain their bodies through the strenuous work of their training and competitions, and a little help from CBD. Not only are they able to increase their recovery time and increase their performance, keeps them active through retirement. It helps with mental clarity throughout their daily lives. 

“I’m sleeping better, and I think my recovery is better.”

Pro golfer Lucas Glover on using CBD

CBD helps Justin Williams properly balance his cycling career as well as his social activism within the sport. For Julia Mancuso, CBD products allow her to continue her active lifestyle, stay focused mentally in order to balance running her business and raising her son. Lucas Glover, uses CBD products to maintain that perfect mental balance on game days, while keeping his performance at a high level. 

For all of the athletes, using CBD products means they can happily live their lives while still enjoying their respective sports and active lifestyles!

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