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In the wake of COVID, “the new normal” is a phrase that is getting tossed around a lot. For the cannabis industry, this means creating new strategies that will keep customers, clients, and staff safe while keeping the doors of your business open.

The crisis did more than just attack the ability to do business, it also affected how business is done.

The culture of a cannabis shop involves so much more than just an exchange of money for goods and services. If you’ve spent any time on the sales floor of a great cannabis shop you know it’s a lively environment that, at times, can feel more like your friend’s living room than a retail space. Considering the cannabis industry was built on the idea of meeting the needs of patients, it is easy to see why a great cannabis shop always excels at hospitality and customer service. 

Essential, clean, and safe

Photo courtesy of The+Source

Thankfully, through these strange times, the cannabis industry has been designated as an essential business. Shops have, for the most part, continued to operate during the pandemic, allowing patients to retain access to their medicine. And in order to safely operate in the midst of the COVID crisis, shops have seriously stepped up their safety game.

We’re sure you’ve noticed how the environment and setup of your local dispensary has changed, and even though we miss the lively atmosphere of our own local dispensaries we truly appreciate the efforts across the country to ensure everyone’s safety.

There are many practical things that can be done to keep patrons safe during the pandemic and The+Source in Las Vegas has set a very high standard when creating their own safe shopping experience. Beyond mandatory face coverings for all employees and customers at their locations, team members wear gloves while handling product and frequently wash their hands. Brandon Wiegand, Regional GM of The+Source, noted some additional steps they’re taking.

“We utilize UV-C devices during opening and closing procedures to sweep the entire store,” Wiegand says. “UV-C is used extensively in healthcare to disinfect germs, bacteria, and viruses. These sweeps complement and supplement our existing cleaning and sanitation protocols. Deep cleaning frequency has also been increased.”

The new normal of customer safety

Photo courtesy of The+Source

When it comes to creating a new normal for the cannabis industry, keeping people safe is the top priority. 

The+Source is already diligent about the safety of the products they offer in their stores–they are equally as diligent about providing a safe and sane purchasing experience. “We continue to disinfect high touch surfaces throughout the day with change trays and windows wiped down between every transaction,” Wiegand says. “And we strongly encourage guests to shop with us via curbside or delivery.”

Stores need agile teams that can roll with new mandates and health directives, but they also want to make sure proper thought goes into the construction of the client and customer’s experience. The+Source has not forgotten that caring for people makes up the foundation of the industry. 

“We don’t want anyone getting sick and that means taking proactive measures to ensure that no one who may be sick enters the store. We are using infrared no-touch thermometers to scan all employees and guests before entering the facility,” Wiegand says. “Individuals with a high temperature and customers or staff who are visibly sick, especially anyone coughing, will not be allowed in.”

Following additional directives from the Governor, The+Source has also had to pause in-store patient advising. Keeping customers and patients in the facilities the minimal time possible is the safest course of action for everyone at the moment. “We are working on deploying a chat function on our website in order to virtually ‘patient advise’ with customers,” Wiegand says, “but we are really looking forward to the day when we can get back to taking care of our customers in the store. That is where our team truly shines!”

The cannabis family

Photo courtesy of The+Source

While shopping for cannabis may look a little different at the moment, the changes have been made with the same heart behind them that created the excellent personalized experience we’ve come to love so much.

The cannabis community is a small group–it’s a family that we all depend upon. The+Source’s goal is to not only continue to provide excellent customer service in the midst of a pandemic but to make everyone feel safe and part of the family.

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