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Some people want to live a calm indoor life, chilling with their family and friends with minimal effort. On the other hand, some people like the outdoors and the thrill of various physical activities, some call them adrenaline junkies. One of the latter is David Anthony Schroeder, the book’s author, “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD.”

Since 1963, David Anthony Schroeder has been a fountain of energy to the point that a doctor prescribed him Ritalin around the age of 5, a drug to tone down his energy. David hated Ritalin. Young David suffered his first injury at the age of 7 while riding downhill on his banana bike with the high handlebars and a stick shift between his legs, peddling wildly while sitting on the banana seat. At a young age, he experienced the first of many injuries and the pain that comes with them.

The incident could have made him more laid back and give up a life full of activity, but David Anthony Schroeder knew that that was not who he was. Hence, he developed his passion for BMX, mountain biking, and rollerblading activities. Along with his love came the consequences of his actions, injuries, lots of injuries.

These injuries led to long periods of chronic pain that would sometimes hinder him from doing the things he loves. The physical pain he felt sometimes would adversely affect his mental health. Imagine longing for the feeling of happiness and adrenaline as one does the activities they are passionate about but are hindered because of chronic pain. It takes a toll on any pain-sufferers sanity.

Then one day, CBD (or cannabidiol) was introduced to David. His friend gave him a CBD stick to help with chronic pain. At first, he was skeptical since he had tried other remedies that provided little or no relief. But to his surprise, it worked.

CBD worked wonders for him, and that sparked his interest to know more. He started his journey to find out everything he could about CBD and share it with others. As someone who knows the burden of having acute pain, chronic pain, high-impact chronic pain, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, he wants others to know they can effectively use CBD to manage and find relief from pain.

Thus the birth of his book, 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD. This book serves as a guide to use CBD in multiple forms and fight pain on multiple fronts. CBD oil is not the only choice for consumption. The book points out that topicals, edibles, beverages, gummies, sprays, and other options can be used in place of taking CBD oil. But David takes it a step further by giving the reader the tools necessary to weed out bad actors pushing poor quality CBD products. David made sure that his book was comprehensive enough to use for pain management but written in a way that is easy enough that even a third-grader could understand.

Inside 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD, readers learn about the possible side effects of CBD. They learn how to interpret product test results, understand what’s on the product label, and find the correct dosage or amount to use for fighting pain.

The best part of the book is David’s checklist that helps the reader find high-quality CBD products. 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD is the product of David Anthony Schroeder’s three years of unrelenting research to find answers to help him live as close to a pain-free life as possible and share his passion by educating people to find relief from their pain.

Hoping to follow up on the only book of its kind, David Anthony Schroeder plans to write a more in-depth book on advanced topics using CBD and a recipe book specifically for CBD foods. 

Follow what’s going on with David and his advocacy for cannabis as food and medicine by visiting his official website TheCBDWriter.com. The book is available on Amazon in print, on Kindle, and KindleUnlimited readers can read the book for free.

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