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cann-ID Ionization Labs Potency Testing CBD THC hemp crop

The US hemp industries reemergence from prohibition has seen a plethora of vertically integrated companies spring up to process this versatile plant — and a surge of investment in the industry. The uses and value of this essential crop seems to be limited only by technology, human ingenuity and laws setting THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) limits on hemp crops.  

Unfortunately, new rules being set forth by the federal government present more obstacles for startup and established player alike. Two of the most difficult hurdles are knowing if a crop has sufficient amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) to merit extraction or too much THC to pass federal muster.

A hemp crop that is low in CBD has less value for cannabinoid extraction and one that is “hot,” meaning too high in THC, must be destroyed. Fortunately, a new Cann-ID potency test by Ionization Labs uses a combination of chemical tests for at least 10 cannabinoids and a software platform to speed up processing and reduce potential losses.

Cloud app tests for cannabinoids

hemp field CBD industrial seed crop

From fiber used for clothing, fabrication materials and building and construction supplies, such as Hempcrete, to hempseed oils and proteins to extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids for human ingestion, few farmers or companies can afford either of those scenarios. Unfortunately getting a crop tested can cost a lot of money and take weeks to get back the results. The loss of time or, worse, an entire crop can be devastating.

According to the company, its affordable, highly scalable, accurate and simple to use in-house hemp testing unit rivals those of much more expensive and cumbersome laboratory equipment. Except without buying the equipment. This service offers guaranteed turnaround times on Buds/Flowers/Plants/Biomass, Capsules, Concentrates/Extracts, Distillates, Gummies, Isolates, Hulled Seeds (Nuts), Tinctures, Topicals (roll-on products, lotions, creams, gels, salves) and Vape Oils.

The valuable real-time data is securely collected and streamed to the cloud for data analysis and analytics. With Cann-ID, subscribers can cut the time it takes to get reliable chemical data down to a day or less, whereas sending samples out to a lab may take 48 hours and up. After you collect the sample, the cost of shipping to the lab is included in the price of the test.

“All lab grade quality testing uses consumable parts including chemistry to prepare a sample and run a test. ” It promises to meet or exceed USDA testing requirement rules. This includes:

  • Mobile Phase
  • Vials
  • Solvent Chemistry
  • Column & Guards
  • User Support
  • Maintenance
  • Software License
  • Cloud Analytics Library

Cann-ID is particularly useful for broad applications and large-scale crops.

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