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I was immediately intrigued when the ebullient owner of Mazel Tov Farms reached out with a story unlike any I’d covered prior. Sure I’ve covered fellow tribesmen and women in my quest to discover the hidden reason why cannabis is so beguiling. My own history goes back to around twelve years of age. Many of my peers the Gill School in Bernardsville, New Jersey smoked quantities of (for the time) high quality cannabis. This was in the early 1970’s. I remember the woodsy, skunky-fuel tinged, dense smoke that clung to our clothes, the lethargic, dreamy words of revolutionary poetry and the iChing. This early path into the forest of the mystical herb, cannabis would influence future endeavors. Wrapping up the memory driven package in string was the good old Grateful Dead, played on and on, in languid endless tape loops from a portable Nagra reel to reel. Yes, growing up in leafy New Jersey and smoking high quality cannabis certainly made for vivid memories.

One of the strains that Mazel Tov Farms grows is known as Kosher Kush. Why? Because you feel blessed after smoking it. Testing out in the near 27% THC realm, Kosher Kush may not be blessed by a Rabbi, but it couldn’t hurt! And Kosher? You can be the judge of that after you inhale a succulent, hot pastrami sandwich from Hobby’s Deli in Newark, NJ. Mazel Tov! Don’t forget to order a Cel-Ray!

Warren Bobrow=WB: Where are you from? What brought you to the part of California where you live now? Why cannabis instead of medicine or law? (You’d know why I ask that, intimately…) 

Cary Neiman=CN: I was born and raised in Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. I have a deep love for the city but sold my building and moved my family to Santa Rosa CA in 2016 to launch Mazel Tov. We left Santa Rosa in October 2017 as we lost our residence, car and business to the Tubbs fire. We moved to Monterey County ad we had family in this area and relaunched the Mazel Tov Farms brand from here in 2019. I have had a truly lifelong passion for Cannabis which can be evidenced by my 1995 high school senior superlative „Most likely to be a kind DJ in London”, with „kind” being the preferred slang for very high quality Cannabis in 1995. It was still massively illegal then so using veiled references regarding Cannabis was and still is common. My passion was solidified during my college years at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I grew my first plants in 1997 in between snowboarding and getting an economics degree. 

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WB: How old were you when you first tried cannabis? Do you remember how it made you feel? Please tell me about your farm? Why Kosher?

CN: Cannabis has been an important part of my personal ecosystem for as long as I can remember. I believe that Cannabis (and likely many other plants and naturally occurring substances) provide significant personal health and wellness benefits for the overwhelming majority of people who try it. I believe that Cannabis has the ability to work as a general anti-inflammatory agent that possesses myriad health benefits through this and other mechanisms. I believe Cannabis to be a truly effective compound that can work in concert with many healthy lifestyles. It has a positive effect on mood, sleep regulation, appetite and metabolism issues, drug and alcohol addiction issues, and most exciting to me Cannabis has shown anti-cancerous properties wherein the cancerous cells are destroyed and the surrounding healthy cells are left intact. Miraculous! 

WB:Please tell me about your company? What are your six and twelve month plans? What obstacles do you face and how do you anticipate removing them?

CN: Our company, Mazel Tov Farms, is a premium quality Cannabis brand that aims to curate the finest available Cannabis products in California and bring them to discerning consumers across the state. Our 6-12 month plan involves greater availability across CA as well as introducing several new product lines with Mazel Tov Pre Roll Infused joints coming up next. We would also like to explore getting Mazel Tov Farms into other legal markets with IL being one of our first targets. We hope to make strong strategic partnerships across the state and country to achieve these goals.

WB: Do you have a favorite food memory you’d like to share from childhood? What is your favorite “holiday” food? Do you make your grandmother’s matzo ball soup? 

CN: I grew up in Chicago and my grandparents died when I was young so unfortunately I didn’t get the traditional grandmother food inputs. I did however develop a big love for Jewish delis around the Chicagoland area (corned beef, pastrami, latkes, matzo soup, ruggellah, etc) and maintain those items as my favorite foods to this day. I never miss a trip to Katz’s when I’m in NYC or Kanter’s when in LA either…lol. In fact one of the early Mazel Tov logos was the Katz’s deli logo with Mazel Tov Farms lettering. I’ll send a pic if you’d like. 

Let me know if you’d like to chat about any of the above or anything else. I also wanted to confirm that you got the 4g jar (every other company sells 3.5g which is another thing that sets Mazel apart) of our Kosher Kush? 

Also, our tagline „Always Heavy. Always Fire.” is a reference to the fact that our products always weight more than the competition (always Heavy) and are always high quality (always Fire). Our jars are 4 grams and our cartridges are .55g vs the competitions .50g. The pre rolls we have coming will weigh 1.1g vs the standard 1.0g.

WB: What is your passion? 

CN: And as far as my passion I think it’s fair to say Cannabis is my primary life focus but I am also very involved in both sports collectables, basketball specifically, and cryptocurrency. And raising my 2 boys, Uzi who is 8 and Trey who is 3.

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