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Co-owners Ed Mahoney and Kellie Kauten opened Frisco’s first CBD store Artistic Organics in the Rail District in 2018. (Photos courtesy Artistic Organics)

Co-owners Kellie Kauten and Ed Mahoney said Artistic Organics is not a standard CBD store. They stress education for their clients as part of the process of determining the right hemp-derived product for their needs.

“I think hemp in the state of Texas has now become very commonplace, [but] consumer confidence is still sketchy because there is a gluttony of bad product out there,” Mahoney said. “We really take the time to learn the product and try it on ourselves before we’re willing to put it out on our shelves.”

Artistic Organics stocks more than 150 products that contain cannabidiol, which is the most abundant non-psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis plant.

“Most of our clients don’t want psychoactive effects,” Mahoney said. “They really want therapy without being high.”

Kauten explained that the business gets regular feedback from clients, which helps them specialize recommendations for other customers.

“We will craft the product or selection of products to truly meet your needs based upon other clients’ data,” she said.

Kauten and Mahoney started the business in early 2018 and opened their store in The Rail District in July of that year. Artistic Organics has since served more than 5,000 customers and hosted classes on the potential uses of CBD.

Mahoney said the business’ initial clientele was an over-50 crowd with regular aches and pains. However, the coronavirus pandemic has brought in clients in their 30s and 40s with issues that are not necessarily the same.

“We still deal a lot with pain and inflammation, but now, we’re dealing with a lot of anxiety, [post-traumatic stress disorder and] depression,” Mahoney said. “COVID[-19] has really kind of changed the dynamics of our store.”

Kauten said staff members often welcome clients entering the store like they are “Norm at Cheers.” She said that atmosphere allows customers to share their success stories.

“When they come in and go, ‘I feel normal,’ that’s the best thing we could ever hear from a client,” Kauten said.

Artistic Organics

7227 Main St., Ste. 300, Frisco


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-7 p.m., closed Sun.

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