Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe to be fully operational from October 2020 – Huffs n Puffs

The use of Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis, is gaining pace across the globe, courtesy of its many therapeutic benefits. Now, Hong Kong has also geared up to fully-open its first CBD cafe in Sheung Wan District from next month onward.

Named ‘Found’, the region’s first CBD cafe will sell a wide variety of products such as CBD-infused beer and coffee; vials of CBD oil for personal use; powders; and other pain-relieving CBD preparations for pets.

“Most of our customers are seeking help with sleep; parents with children suffering from cerebral palsy or epilepsy are also finding our products useful,” Fiachra Mullen, co-owner of Altum International, the cannabinoids supplier in the Asia-Pacific region that owns and operates Found, was quoted as saying by a local media report.

CBD has become the talk of the town in Hong Kong, especially among people who practice self-care methods like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Mullen, like all of us, believes that 2020 has been a very stressful year for everyone and that CBD may come in handy to deal with the issues that came with the progression of this year.

“Much of it is driven by the year that Hong Kong has had with the protests and, of course, the COVID 19 pandemic.  A lot of our customers take CBD first thing in the morning with their coffee before they leave for work; it helps with mindfulness and makes them somewhat more resilient to whatever happens that day.”

Mullen, however, feels that although herbal remedies are popular in Hong Kong, there is still a stigma attached to cannabis – even its non-psychoactive compounds.  Hence, reaching a broad set of customers may not be possible any time soon.

“This is especially true with the older generation, but I want to change that,” said Mullen. “My dream customer profile is a 65-year-old couple walking in and learning about cannabis and not running away upon hearing its name – then it’s mission accomplished.”

Notably, cannabis products containing THC are still illegal in Hong Kong and most parts of Asia.

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