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“All the healthy without the high!” That’s Garden Street Hemp’s tagline from the new store’s official Instagram bio. According to Garden Street Hemp’s IG, Hoboken’s newest CBD spot seems to have opened up Friday, September 5th, just in time for Labor Day Weekend 2020.

Not much is known about the CBD location on Garden Street, but it joins like-minded businesses like The Green Room, Hoboken Hemp, and Strictly CBD in Jersey City that have been cropping up nearby in recent years. Read on to learn all about Hoboken’s latest CBD store, located at 103 Garden Street.

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All About Garden Street Hemp

Hoboken Girl first reported that Garden Street Hemp was coming to town earlier this year. Now open at 103 Garden Street, GSH has taken over the former La Bouche Cafe location. {Although La Bouche still has their mainstay Washington Street spot.}

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It appears from pictures posted onto Garden Street Hemp’s Instagram account that the store will offer everything from oral CBD supplements to creams, salves, and tinctures.

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{Photo credit: @gardenstreethemp}

What to Expect at Garden Street Hemp

Like most of the other CBD spots in Hoboken {and the surrounding Jersey City area} that came before it, you can expect an array of cannabidiol products. Shelves are stocked with everything from supplements and creams to salves, tinctures, lotions, and more.

Some stores that specialize in CBD may also offer edibles, pre-rolled hemp joints, and even CBD-infused pet care products. Of course, none of these products produce the high that marijuana does. Instead, CBD provides the calming, relaxing feeling that marijuana does, without the psychoactive symptoms.

What is the Difference Between Hemp and CBD?

Still unclear about the differences? Let’s start there: Hemp oil and CBD oil both come from the same source; that’s the cannabis plant also known as the marijuana plant. CBD oil is the result of flowers, leaves, and stems of this plant, whereas hemp oil comes exclusively from the extract of the cannabis plant’s seeds, according to Medical News Today.

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Neither CBD or hemp possess adequate levels of THC — the chemical in marijuana that causes a high. Therefore, neither CBD or hemp will get you high.

Why Use CBD or Hemp?

Despite hemp and CBD’s lack of adequate levels of THC, both still have a calming effect that many have reported to help with anxiety, pain management, depression, and other ailments — both physical and mental health. Other medical reasons people may use CBD include to treat {or mitigate the symptoms of} epilepsy, pain and inflammation, addiction management, inflammatory skin conditions, and neurodegenerative conditions.

When using CBD, be wary. According to Medical News Today, there are a few things to look for on the label of any CBD product before purchasing. These include:

  • the manufacturers did not use solvents during extraction
  • the U.S. Department of Agriculture have certified it as organic
  • the product underwent pesticide and herbicide testing
  • the label clearly lists the potency

What’s the Future of CBD in New Jersey?

CBD and the legalization of marijuana have long been a topic of interest in the State of New Jersey and even in Hoboken itself, especially since New York City is so close in proximity to Mile Square.

So, where do we stand on this issue now, in 2020? According to Hemp Industry Daily, hemp-infused drinks may be the future of CBD in both New Jersey and New York.

Hillview, a hemp and marijuana producer in Pequannock, NJ, recently signed a deal with Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of New York to bring CBD-infused seltzers to Manhattan grocery and convenience stores. The deal extends to all five boroughs of NY, Long Island, and Westchester.

We’re sure it won’t end there but if you’re all about CBD products, then Garden Street Hemp and the upcoming CBD-infused seltzers, called Kaló, are sure to be your new favorite obsessions. Plus, you can also get your hands on some very special CBD products from other local businesses at our 30-Day Virtual Hoboken Wellness Crawl which kicks off September 13th and runs through October 13th.

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