Global Vaporizer Market to Register Growth in Incremental Opportunity after COVID 19 pandemic – Scientect

The vaporizer market has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, growing into a market of a few billions dollar. A vaporizer is used to carry out vaping. Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling the water vapour that is produced by an electric device like a vaporizer or an e-cigarette. The water vapour in the vaporizer is in the form of e-liquid that is in gaseous state which is inhaled and exhaled with the help of vaporizers. The smoke from vaporizers is usually thicker but it gets dispersed in the surrounding air more quickly, and it smells much better, usually like mint, fruit or candy depending on the type of flavour used. Vaping is a tobacco free, and sometimes even nicotine free version of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but as there is no smoke involved, it cannot be compared to smoking.

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The e-liquids used in vaporizers usually consist of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) or both. A combination of PG and/or VG is used to create different type of exotic flavours that are unique and are tobacco free. There are many different parts in a vaporizer. Some of them are mouthpiece, battery, cartridge, atomizer or cartomizer and a circuit with the sensor. The cartridge contains the e-liquid or the e-juice while the atomizer contains a heating element, usually in the form of a coil that gets heated up by the power generated by a battery. The way the vaporizer works is that when a user takes a drag on the mouthpiece, the coil in the battery gets heated up. Simultaneously, a cotton wick soaks e-liquid from the cartridge. When this liquid gets in contact with the coil, which is hotter than the boiling point of the e-liquid, it naturally turns into a vapour. This vapour is then inhaled and exhaled by the user and the process of vaping is carried out. The e-liquid consists of a blend of PG/VG, nicotine and other flavours.

Electronic cigarettes are the most common type of vaporizers.  These type of vaporizers mimic the function of a normal tobacco cigarette, except that there is no tobacco present in e-cigarettes, only the e-liquid is present. Though some safety concerns have been raised on the subject of vaping, using a vaporizer or an e-cigarette is exponentially safe than smoking a real cigarette. As far as drivers of the vaporizer market are concerned, more than one third of the total population of the United States are cigarette smokers. Smoking related illnesses account for every one of five deaths in the United States. In addition, nearly 70% of the smokers report that they want to quit smoking to lead a healthier life and 42% of the smokers have tried to quit smoking unsuccessfully. Hence, it is obvious that there is a huge market for e-cigarettes and vaporizers in the United States alone, and the potential for other regions of world if included, then it would be a gigantic market.

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Thus, using a vaporizer in the form of vaping is the best bet for smokers who want to quit smoking or never fall in the trap of nicotine in the first place. The main advantage of vaping is that it is tobacco free and is odourless. Less harmful chemicals and toxins are used in e-cigarettes and in the form of the choice of e-liquid, one can control the intake of such chemicals in the body. Studies have shown that almost three quarters of people felt fitter after switching from smoking to vaping. In addition, almost a quarter were assessed to be medically fitter than they were during their smoking days. Hence, using a vaporizer or e-cigarettes is the best way to counter the menace of tobacco and nicotine and is poised to be a huge market worldwide.

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