How Do You Feel Today? — Rise of CBD Products Further Splinters Consumers' Daily Mood Management – Michael Kiser


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It wasn’t long ago that “microdosing” was meant as a way of keeping a drug-induced high throughout the day, but as legal options have become readily available, day-long mood manipulation has become safer, easier, and more attractive.
And if there were ever a year for this kind of consumer behavior to take off, 2020 certainly fits the bill. Aside from cannabis or alcohol, CBD products are offering a variety of new ways to manage how you feel. Gallup reported last year that 14% of Americans use CBD in some form, with the highest percentage of respondents citing its use for pain (40%) followed by anxiety (20%), and as a sleep aid (11%). Stress was noted by 5% of survey respondents. Part of CBD’s rapid rise is because of its ubiquitousness, with products scattered across grocery, convenience, and private stores. Another side of success is the broad assumption of CBD acting as a sort of catch-all solution for aches and wariness of the mind.

Depending on who you ask, CBD is perfect to treat inflammation, anxiety, depression, or even cancer. And whether it has some placebo effect or not is irrelevant, as people are spending their money on it as part of their “share of buzz” that might also include mind-altering options like cannabis or alcohol. Sign up to read more.

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Words by Bryan Roth

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