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Mouse passes out after munching on cannabis leaves

A mouse passed out after munching on cannabis leaves .&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspFacebook

A mouse who was spotted munching on some cannabis leaves was captured flying flat on his back in New Brunswick, Canada, where growing a limited amount of cannabis is legal.

Collin Sullivan noticed that his crop was being stolen. One day he caught the culprit. „For 2 days in a row I’ve caught this little pot-head taking leaves off of my plant and eating them until he passes out,” he wrote on Facebook.

„He’s missing an ear so it may be self med for his PTSD but I stilI think its time for an Intervention. I’ll let him sleep this one off but when he wakes up he’s getting a real stern talking to,” Sullivan added.

It seems that the plant had quite an impact on the mouse and the man decided to keep an eye on him for a few days to check if there were ill-effects of the drug.

He shared an update on the mouse’s condition a day later and said, „So it’s been a couple of rough days for our little baked buddy here and despite a belly ache and a wicked bad case of the munchies I think he’ll make a full recovery. He’s been weaned to 1 medium leaf per day and seems to be adjusting well. One day at a time, My Friend, One day at a time.”

About a week later, the mouse was released back into the wild. The final update read, „On the Rodent to Redemption! After a long and desperate battle with addiction this little mouse has grinded up his struggle, picked out the seeds and stems and is ready to roll out… I may have been the one to open his cage but he was the one who set himself free. So long my friend, till we meet again.”

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