Representative Markkanen Introduces Bill For CBD Oil And Marijuana For Pets –

Can your veterinarian prescribe CBD oil or even marijuana for your pets health problems?

If Representative Greg Markkanen’s bill makes it through the legislature, then yes, your vet can prescribe CBD oil or even marijuana.

Markkanen introduced the legislation after an Upper Peninsula veterinarian presented the problem to him.

Markkanen went on to say “We must make sure our veterinarians are able to have open and honest discussions with people about using products containing CBD oil and marijuana to care for their pets.”

Research has suggested products such as CBD oil and marijuana can help dogs and cats cope with pain, anxiety and epilepsy.

Dr. Kellie Holmstrom from Marquette testified before the House Agriculture Committee and told them patients often ask about using such products to treat their pets health problems.

Markkanen’s bill now heads to the senate for further consideration. 

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