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Cannabis is being legalized across states and is popular among its consumers. The cannabis industry is not lagging, not while the business is booming at such an early stage, and projections are showing that more is yet to come. Many entrepreneurs have tapped into the business, bringing in very innovative cannabis products. Furthermore, as it is, very many people are able to use cannabis for recreation legally. So, if you are thinking of growing cannabis, you are thinking right. Here is how to do it.

The Groundwork

Growing weed is easy; in fact, you could plant and leave it in your backyard, and it would grow. However, you want to produce high-quality marijuana, and this is why you will need to put a little work and money into it. First, depending on your available space for this operation, decide on the type of planting that would suit you.

Do not worry about the space too much, though; with the advanced innovations, designs like vertical and horizontal cultivation rooms would maximize your available space. Seek to know the processes that will take place in that space to lay out all the necessary equipment for the next stages. If possible, tour sites where cannabis has been grown successfully or view completed journals to have an idea of what to expect.

Setting Things Up

If you are growing your cannabis outdoors, then you do not have much hustle, long as you pick the right seeds for outdoor growth and provide the plant with sufficient water. However, if you are looking to have more privacy and control of your plant, you need to think about the medium that your plant will grow in; soil or water.

Hydroponics would require a lot of hands-on knowledge and keenness for success, while with soil, you would only have to think about temperatures, ph, and lighting. Cannabis prefers fertile loamy soil. You can add nutrients to your soil by adding manure or purchasing commercial soil.

LED lights are popular among weed growers. LED lights are easy to set up, unlike fluorescents, and have easier penetration. Experts at give excellent advice on how to choose the correct glow lights for your cannabis farm. Consider the temperatures of your growing space, taking into account that temperatures are meant to rise when the glow lights are on. LED lights also come along with a cooling system that pushes heat away from the plant. Water is, of course, an essential requirement for growth.

Selecting Seeds

Choose the best seeds for quality marijuana, starting with your personal favorite. If you are looking to grow forward to growing buds, then be on the lookout for feminized seeds. Pick the darkest seeds during selection. If you want to grow an Indica plant, that would have generally large and stripped seeds, unlike Sativa, whose seeds are smaller and without a pattern. Selectively pick where you buy your seeds; you want to acquire them from people who have grown them over time and understand each seed’s generics, needs, and qualities. Store them in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Germinate The Seeds

Germinating your seeds is the next step. You could take the seeds straight to the medium, straight into the soil. You will avoid transplant shock if you do this. Or, you could germinate the seeds on a moist (water and enzymes) paper towel. After some days, your seeds should sprout. Usually, it takes not more than a week-long as you kept it moist, warm, and with sufficient air.

The Right Pot

After the germination phase, it’s time to pot the seeds. The pots you are using should have holes at the lower side to drain runoff water and for aeration. These holes prevent the plant from drowning and root-rotting.

Details And Nutrients

If you planted in soil, you would need to check on the soil ph., using limestone or peat moss to make adjustments. Aside from that, you need to ensure your soil is moist but not too wet. If you are growing your cannabis hydroponically, you will need to do a daily check on your plants.

Ensure your plant is supplied with necessary nutrients and good bacteria and check on the roots; they are highly essential. Make sure they do not rot. Bear in mind, as you feed your cannabis with nutrients that it has different nutritional needs at different growth levels.

Failure to take this into account would hurt and potentially kill your plant. The cannabis seed is usually with enough nutrients to make it through the first stages of growth, and most nutrients at this point would only prove detrimental. Let it grow till it needs the nutrient supplement, usually when it is preparing to flower.

Too Much Of Anything Is Poisonous

You have come a long way to this point; here are things you need to be cautious about for satisfactory progress. One, do not overwater your cannabis. When lighting the room, you have to do it strategically.

Too much light would generate too much heat causing a rise in humidity and eventually leading to low yields. Same way, some overfeed their plants with nutrients and fertilizers. Instead of doing well, this would either kill or reduce the quality of the marijuana.

Some people overcrowd their growing spaces, perhaps hoping to increase their yield. This is, however, counter-productive. It makes it hard to move around the area, making it hard to maintain the crops as there is no room to allow pruning or watering or room for individual attention for a plant.

Dealing With Pests

Some spray their crops with pesticides that cause an imbalance within the plants in the attempt to prevent attacks by pests. Instead, it is better to start the war against pests only when you have come across some and pick the right pesticides and dosage. Any natural option rather than heavy chemicals is preferred.

Pruning And Cloning

To produce the most flowers and buds, prune your cannabis plant. Shed off all tiny branches that would produce small buds. By this, your plant can focus on the main stems. Also, now that you have chosen to take this path, consider cloning your cannabis. Cut a stem from a female mother plant, dip it in growth hormone and place it in a medium. It will grow to be just like the mother plant, which is an assurance of continuity.

There is so much more to know when it comes to growing cannabis, which you will learn along the way. After reading this article, you at least know where to start. As you keep learning, know that there is no set formula for your venture, feel free, and grow.

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