I Tried Recess CBD-Infused Sparkling Water: Here’s My Review – Food & Wine

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I’m considered a CBD enthusiast among my friends. From regularly using pure CBD oil to testing skincare infused with the anti-inflammatory ingredient, I’ve managed to integrate it into as many areas of my life as possible—or so I thought. The buzzy compound only seems to be growing in popularity, and when I was handed the opportunity to try sparkling water infused with cannabidiol, I was all too willing to give it a go. 

Recess offers its CBD-infused drink in six delectable, low-sugar, low-calorie flavors, all of which are crafted with real fruit and functional herbs. And popping open a can of what the brand calls “calm, cool, and collected” sparkling water, full of hemp extract and adaptogens in flavors like blood orange and blackberry chai, has proven to be a game-changing remedy in relieving my everyday stress.

Each can includes powerful ingredients that aid in soothing an overwhelmed state of mind. The main ingredient (besides water, of course), CBD, positively influences our bodies’ endocannabinoid system to ease stress, while American ginseng encourages you to feel more focused throughout the day and even helps to boost your memory. L-theanine, an amino acid capable of easing anxiety and improving sleep cycles, lifts your overall spirit, and subdues any tension. Last but not least, lemon balm gives a boost of energy, allowing you to skip that second cup of coffee you may typically reach for in the afternoon.

Recess has been able to provide me with a sense of calm during otherwise chaotic days full of working, running errands, and tackling chores around my apartment. Its calming and comforting properties have even been satisfying enough for me to skip my evening glass of wine or cocktail (though I’ve found these work great as a mixer, too). 

Each flavor in the line is a step above your typical sparkling water and, when paired with all the amazing benefits, blows away any other canned drink I’ve tried lately. Recess has earned a rightful spot on my bar cart and has only intensified my allegiance to all things CBD.

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